Turnover: what's this?

Turnover - is one of the basic and the most important indicators of economic trade.How this concept is treated?It is considered that the trade - an action which is based on the exchange of a particular product on the currency.Thus, there is a continuous process of movement of goods and services carried out by means of drawing up agreements or transactions.

This concept can be considered from two points of view.On the one hand, the trade - a movement in which the focus is on the product as the immediate object of trade.And on the other - all the attention is focused on the purchase and sale transaction, as it is an instrument of promotion of the goods on the market first, and then directly to the consumer.

Currently, there are separate organizations that specialize in conducting trade activities.They sell goods manufacturer and receive a percentage of the transaction.Production comes from the manufacturer on consignment.Thus, the company has the right to sell a particular product.For a business entity of the trade - a way to achieve economic benefits, ie obtain the maximum profit.And at the level of the market, this figure reflects the degree of equipment of essential goods, and hence somehow characterizes the standard of living of citizens.

Turnover can be divided into two main groups: wholesale and retail.The first reveals the process of moving the goods to the place at which the direct transmission.We can say that the retail trade turnover - is the final stage of product movement.If we consider this concept as an economic indicator, you can submit it in the form of money the volume of goods released on the market.On the one hand, the turnover in retail trade is reflected in the amount of income from the sale, on the other hand - it characterizes the level of costs for the purchase of public goods.

Under the current legislation, this figure includes not only the gross income from the range of the population, but also sales to other counterparties to purchase goods for the purpose of service to citizens.The index of retail turnover is able to fully reflect the degree of development of the enterprise, the welfare of the target audience, and even the general situation of the national economy.

Wholesale trade is a movement of production to other trade organizations for the purpose of resale or other companies for use in their productive activities as a raw material.In contrast to the retail, wholesale trade in the products remained in circulation.

can classify wholesale trade diversion: intersystem and implementation.The first category is characterized by large-scale commercial companies, as it reflects the movement of goods from the commercial enterprise to another wholesaler.And in accordance with the criteria for the implementation of the company supplies finished products to companies engaged in retail trade, food service, with the aim of clearing the exchange as well as for export for export.In the summation of the results of these two categories of indicators can be obtained in gross or total wholesale turnover.

are clearly distinguished the terms "part" and "the value of" turnover.Under no circumstances should they not be identified.The composition of the index reveals the variety of implementation, and its magnitude is the amount of sales revenue, cash on hand and funds in bank accounts.This separation is due to the fact that the turnover may be seen as both a qualitative and quantitative measure.