The magical and healing properties of stone Aventurine

Aventurine - is quartzite of different colors.In nature, it is more common orange, white, green, pink and cherry minerals.They all have different colored mica particles, which in turn allows the crystal flash.Sometimes there are golden brown gem, but it is a rare guest, so the product is very dear to him.This Aventurine has translucency and imperceptible glassy luster.

stone found in many countries of the world, the main deposits are located in the United States, Russia, China, Brazil and India.Yellow and red-brown minerals can be seen in the Urals, and the blue is in Austria.Properties stone Aventurine known to people since time immemorial.Therefore, it was used for personal purposes as healers and magicians.

The most common gem worn as a bracelet or necklace, because contact with the wrist or neck, most often seen Aventurine.Properties stone designed to combat allergies, bronchitis, cardiovascular disease.It has been observed that the mineral promotes rapid healing of wounds.It is recommended to wear high blood pressure because it lowers blood pressure.Residents of the eastern countries have used jewelry to improve and maintain for many years excellent eyesight, relieve nervous tension accumulated over a long period of time.For this reason, make balls of aventurine massage.

Properties stone Aventurine often people used to protect themselves from evil, negative thoughts envious machinations of enemies.There is an assumption that the mineral is associated with the moon, so its magical manifestations depend on which phase is shining.There is no consensus, what kind of impact has on people Aventurine.The magical properties of the stone can be directed to attract good luck and happiness, especially manifested in gambling.But abuse is not worth using a gem because it is long-term use will lead to the collapse and complete destruction.

Properties stone Aventurine exercise maximum, if the owner is a lonely man, not burdened with family and children and do not occupy high positions.Mineral attracted to the owner of the love and respect of others, charges the positive emotions, optimism, confidence in their abilities and capabilities.More than one phase of the Moon Aventurine can not wear because it changes the power to the opposite.

Crystal is often used as a talisman, but it does not apply to those who have to wear all the time, put the gem only when need help or protection.Properties stone Aventurine beneficial to people related to the elements of water and earth, but they are not allowed to wear mineral constantly, from time to time it is necessary to take and give a breather.Representatives of the elements of air can also wear decorations with aventurine, but only in the crucial moments, such as a hearing or a first date, make frequent contact these people gullible and reckless.Fire Elements that stone is contraindicated, even random fitting decoration can bring misfortune.