The mentality is immutable?

meaning of the word "mentality" can be defined as a worldview, perception of the world.It is believed that this is something inherent in the person of his environment.For example, very much in the outlook is determined by membership of a particular nationality.Also on the person affected by the environment.There is the mentality of a large community, such as the national mentality.Representatives of each nationality has its own characteristics, which are expressed not only in its values, but also in the way of life.A typical feature of the American mentality is the desire for a certain social status and material wealth.Russian people have different values, and therefore his life is completely different.

If you look at how immigrants live in a foreign country, it is already possible to see a more mixed picture.Some of them continue to adhere to the same standard of living as at home.Other changes fast enough.Someone thinks that mentality - it is immutable.Is it so?The most striking example is the change in US immigration.New values ​​are taken fairly quickly.Nevertheless, it is possible to note yet another aspect of this phenomenon: in America typically move people who are already seeking new life.They are ready for change.Their outlook long before the move was prepared.Some immigrants while still living among the people of their own nationality.Mentality - is not only a world of large groups.For example, there is such a thing as a criminal mentality.It expresses the worldview of a certain group of people.It is often these groups are part of larger communities.Despite the fact that between any nationality criminals have something in common between them, however, there are great differences.

say unequivocally that mentality - a sentence, you can not.Especially if it is not about the outlook of the national scale.People change.In particular, the perception of the world and values ​​can influence events that happen to a man.A couple of decades ago, the Soviet outlook was the norm.Today it is an atavism.If a person does not change, it stops moving forward.After living for several years in a foreign country, the emigrant is no longer the same as he came into it.We can say only that the mentality does not change completely.Especially when it comes to the national traits that are inherent to a particular ethnic group for centuries.

Change them only a few generations.So changed, for example, the descendants of the first immigrants to the United States.The first of them consciously adopted certain values, which gradually became part of the nature of their descendants.Psychologists say that people in the 80% of programmable environment and only 20% - heredity.Most interesting is that the individual can control themselves and determine its own character, drawing attention to some things and not responding to others.Any society can have both a positive and successful representatives and outsiders.Striving for success inherent in every human individual.However, some sell themselves, and others use the program inefficient behavior.

mentality - it is something that can resist adjustment as well as a bad heredity.The character - is something that creates habits.By changing their habits and way of thinking, the person becomes completely different.Of course, the one who believes that nothing can be changed, probably right.Because he will not even try to do anything.Anyone who accepts fate as something external, itself creates a problem.After all, life goes on, and if nothing changes, then we can get random results.