Where are the tigers, many still do not know

man, believing himself the master of the world, unfortunately, has already destroyed a large number of animals from the face of the Earth.The threat of extinction hangs over and the biggest cats - tigers.This large mammal of the cat family, and although they are predators on Earth there remained not so much.Today, they are listed as endangered, hunting them is prohibited.Their habitats is Asia.For those who do not know where tigers live, we mention specific areas:

  • the Far East;
  • China;
  • India;
  • Iran;
  • Afghanistan;
  • countries of Southeast Asia.

Depending on the environment, they are divided into several types.Each of them bears the name of the place where tigers live in the moment.So, living in Amur and Primorye Khabarovsk region of Russia, the Royal Nepalese live in India, Nepal.There is Indochinese subspecies, it can be found in southern China, Laos, Vietnam and Sumatra is home to the Sumatran form of these beautiful animals.

Tigers in Russia

Share in one article on each of these kinds of huge striped cats and about where tigers live, it is impossible, therefore, will focus only on one of them - Ussuriysk.He lives in the Far Eastern taiga, and is its most important decoration.This is a big mammal can reach a length of up to 290 cm, while having a long tail in half of his body.

Many peoples of the Far East, he is a kind of object of worship.Despite his power, he was very vulnerable and has a dramatic destiny.Already in 1930 he was on the verge of extinction due to hunting.Only in the 1960s.It managed to slightly increase the number.However, to this day they are willing to hunt for it, although it is not so easy to find a place in the forest where tigers live.They are listed as endangered and protected by law in all countries of the world.

popular misconception

Many people mistakenly believe that most of the tigers live in Africa.However, this is misleading.These strong cat - view exclusively Asian, African live only in zoos, in their natural habitat there.But were they ever there?The question many scholars are trying to solve, but reliable information is still not found.

In some traditions of African peoples said that the continent inhabited by saber-toothed tigers, but is it really difficult to answer.It is believed that this type existed in Eurasia and North America, but a very long time, about 30 thousand years ago.But in Africa still receives information about its existence, but this evidence is not able to find.All the information is based only on the stories of hunters who allegedly met him.However, scientists believe that this species was closer to the lions.They lived in prides and hunted together, while Tiger has always lived alone.In the evolution of these beautiful and large cats, possibly divided into several different types.

unusual animals

in felines sometimes come across white individuals.There are those among the Tigers.There they are in northern and central India, as well as in some other countries.Usually young albino born from ordinary red fish.In nature, their survival rate is almost zero, all because of the color.They can not normally hunt and usually doomed.That they have survived, they are kept in zoos.