How to cook a dessert feijoa

If you are tired of boring salads and think about how to prepare pineapple guava so that it was original, we will offer you an interesting recipe for a dessert.Puree this berry is an excellent ingredient for a variety of test and mousses, which can also serve as a layer for cakes.

unusual filling of feijoa: how to cook a festive cake

This is a real work of confectionary art.It consists of two parts: the dough and mousse of berries.Let us first foundation cake, and then consider how to make pineapple guava so that these fruits have given their full flavor in the filling.For the dough, beat six eggs and sugar in an amount of 185 g Move container with these products in a water bath and continue to knead vigorously whisk.Sugar from such manipulations quickly dissolved, and the eggs evenly stoke.Now you can remove from the heat and beat more intensely.Egg mass should increase in volume several times.In 85 g of corn starch and flour sifted through a fine sieve over the mixture.Add a teaspoon or tablespo

on cocoa (depending on how intense chocolate flavor you like).Continue whipping over a saucepan of boiling, carefully stirring lumps.At the very least add the melted and cooled butter sweet, no more than a tablespoon.Once again mix well, otherwise the oil will settle to the bottom of the bowl.Bake the dough obtained from one solid cake in the preheated oven, cut from a hollow 8 workpieces for cakes special rings.

How to prepare for filling feijoa

should now start preparing berries.Take the 8 small or 4 large pineapple guava, 100 g mascarpone, cream, sugar and the same amount of water.You will also need a teaspoon of instant gelatin and protein.Before you cook for filling feijoa, it must quickly clean sharp knife and blanch in hot sugar syrup.This will prevent darkening of cut fruit pulp.If the water for blanching drop a little green dye, it will strengthen the intensity of the color feijoa.With honey instead of sugar fruits will be a little harder.This method is useful in case you bought them already perespevshimi.Pyuriruyte blanched berries, soak the gelatin in the water, whisk cold protein with two teaspoons of sugar.Puree with chilled pineapple guava whisk mascarpone and remaining sugar.Gelatin-heat, pour in the sauce.There also add protein.After stirring enter the whipped cream.Ready to put the biscuit mousse cups.These cakes with pineapple guava stand in the cold for at least 4 hours, then they need to be nice lodge.It is advisable to serve this dessert in a green scheme.For example, sprinkle with crushed pistachios and purified with mint leaves.But you can also just squeeze a little whipped cream on top and beautifully laid out around each cake almond petals.The dye can also be added to the dough instead of cocoa.But try to be moderate with the chemical ingredients.