Find out what dreams - baby, children, newborns

Children, as we know, the flowers of life.But whether they are harmless in our dreams, in reality?Many young women and girls are concerned the question, why dream: baby, babies, children, it is especially important for those members of the fairer sex who are not married, too young for a long time waiting for the onset of a wanted pregnancy or are already in the interesting position.And many of them are not interested in simply what dreams of a child or children, but what dream is born children, boys or girls, your own or someone else's child, and also interested in the child's actions in a dream (crying, sleeping, breastfeeding, sinks,He died, to have a child, etc.).In response to all these questions, just want to note that the child during sleep, as well as in the life of a child - is often troublesome, but happily.For many dream books the birth of the baby, to see a woman with him - it's happiness and well-being.However, the rules are always exceptions.

Little baby in life brings a lot of problems and troubles, but they can be successfully overcome.And in the dream, if you see yourself with your child - it only means that soon you run into a problem that can easily cope.In addition, a warning not to take up those cases in which decision you are not a specialist.If you see someone else with a small child, then get ready to correct mistakes and solve problems for others.Cute and funny baby is either a strong friendship, a mutual love in real life.The newborn daughter or son - to the great happiness, dream interpretation presages Zhou-gun, or is expected in the near future a pleasant surprise - says the dream book of the modern woman.

Now let's talk about the various activities of children in a dream, and what dreams.Baby crying, many dream books, health problems or any disappointments in life.However, Freud's dream book, refers to an orgasm crying child (based on the fact that children, in his opinion, represent the sexual organs).Your independence from others and disregard for inappropriate advice and opinions symbolizes the child walks by himself or to make first steps.Crawling baby, as in life, make you think fast and quickly make decisions as if something happens.You are shy and trusting, if you see in the dream of a sleeping child.If a woman dreams that she is nursing the baby, she should expect deceit from a man who trusts boundlessly.Try not to trust people who do not belong to the circle of your friends or relatives if you saw in a dream how to feed your baby breast, or breast-feeding yourself.At the same time, Russian dream book, assured that, if you see that they themselves are breast-feeding the baby, then the next endeavor will bring material and moral satisfaction, despite the fact that they will be quite troublesome.It does not bode well, if you're in a dream to take the hand of a sick child - suffering, mental anguish, sadness.

What dream girl child and the child is a boy?The girl usually dream to a successful marriage.While in the old days it was thought that the girl heralds the miracle, ie,You will be surprised at anything.If we had a little boy, you know - to achieve prosperity in life you have to work hard or to itself, and wait for help from should not be.But many people are often interested in the question, what a dream to have a baby.Again, if we take the value of a few dream-books, the birth of a child means the emergence of any future plans or new ideas.But other than that, the dream book offers idiomatic significance of the completion of any case (in common says "finally give birth").If a pregnant woman or a man, whose wife "to give birth" see the birth, it is the appearance of the boy in the family.

If by the birth of a dream, everything is clear, then that is what the dream to have a girl or a boy - no specifics.Some downers assured that if the dream of the birth of a girl is in reality a boy and vice versa.But, as practice shows, it is not always come true.