How to make mushroom spawn: four recipes

homemade mushroom caviar - one of the most mouth-watering snacks.It can also be prepared as a preform for the winter.Let's look at how to make mushroom spawn in four different recipes.With their help, you can stock up on this wonderful product in abundance.To prepare it in the fall, you can submit to the daily meal table and on holidays.Tartlets, sandwiches and mini-cakes with mushroom taste and flavor - is another powerful argument for having to learn how to make mushroom spawn in the home.

Product selection

This fragrant snack can be made from any mushrooms.But the best choice will be mushrooms.They can be taken as the young and overgrown.If you use a foot fungus, then the result will be good.You can prepare not only fresh but also salted.Pre-harvested mushrooms, for example, are ideal.

How to make mushroom caviar with lemon juice

half kilograms of purified product finely chopped and simmer on low heat for at least an hour.As the need to pour water.Valois and mushrooms should be soaked several days in a salty solution.Fry onion in butter, along with the twist ostyvshimi stewed mushrooms through a meat grinder.Better half.Add lemon juice quarter or half a lime, pepper and salt.Put in jars.An important detail: the cover should only be kapron, in any case no metal lids.After all, the absence of air in the mushrooms can grow extremely dangerous agents of botulism.For this reason, the product that we are preparing, should be subjected to prolonged heat treatment.To reduce the cooking time or quenching in its sole discretion is unacceptable and dangerous.

How to make mushroom spawn assorted

all fungi (mushrooms, white, boletus, mushrooms), wash and boil after boiling over medium heat for a third hour.Quickly shift into cold water, cool, dry.Finely chop, combine with two chopped onions, pepper, put in an enamel container under the yoke of fifteen days.All this time the eggs must be held in a cool place.

Spicy blank

For each quart need to take a half or a quarter of the capacity of the highest quality mushrooms.Clear.Prepare enamel pot.It will need to boil the mushrooms before make mushroom spawn within an hour.After boiling, add salt and regular skim skimmer.Prepared mushrooms twist in a meat grinder together with the browned onions.Add Article 2.5.fresh olive oil, deodorized better, a spoonful of vinegar, chopped fresh herbs.Sterilize 40 minutes at banks.The mushrooms do not need to put too much pepper in order not to kill the delicate flavor of the product.For the same reason, be careful with salt.Mushroom spawn is used not only as a separate snack or stuffing for savory tartlets or tubes.It is a beautiful semi-finished product for the array of delicious sauces or soups, mashed potatoes.Storage time does not exceed calf couple of weeks in the refrigerator.If necessary, it can be frozen in batches in a clean container.Freezer will extend the shelf life of up to 4 months.