Bedouin tea.

tea traditions of various countries abound with unique features.Tea drinking Bedouin - nomadic Egyptian deserts - is dictated by the existence of a wandering people.The Bedouins prepare delicious teas that can freshen up in the heat, lift the spirits and heal.Tourists in Egypt necessarily offer Bedouin tea - unique invigorating drink.

composition of Bedouin tea

Bedouins to the different varieties of black teas add herbs that grow in the desert.Each plant contributes to the tonic notes of the unique and healing power, it gives it unique.Admixed with the usual pinch-welding Khabakov other, Marmara, rosemary or cardamom to give tasty and fragrant tea.

Fruits cardamom mixed in Egypt with black Chinese teas, and get beautiful fragrant drinks.Rosemary - fragrant fertile grass - gives teas prepared by Bedouins, wonderful aroma, excellent healing and soothing properties.

In addition, Egypt is brewed herbal tea yellow without using welding.To make it, take helbu - a desert plant has incredible healing power.

tea with Bedouins Khabakov

Homeland Khabakov - expanses of the Sinai Peninsula.Tea with this grass-like taste and aroma of the mint - the pride of the Bedouins.Drinks made based on it counts as an elixir of health, clears the lungs, relieves cough and relieves stomach pain.

There are two variations of the brewing grass.In the first case leaves Khabakov prepare herbal tea.In the second - before preparing the beverage plant is mixed with tea leaves.For more fun exotic tea sweetened with sugar or honey.

Bedouin tea with Marmara Marmara

grass, similar to the properties of a close relative of sage, can not be found anywhere except in the mountains, stretches out on the Sinai Peninsula.The lack of strict recipes - a feature of Egyptian drinks.The Bedouin tea Marmara, however, like other herbs, added to taste.One teaspoon enough, others require the amount of dining in a glass of boiling water.

preparing tea mixture with grass often experiment.The proportions of black tea and Marmara constantly changing, not adhering to any strict rules.Even on packages of ready mix, store-bought, not specified the exact composition.Buyer attention paid only to the fact that the ingredients are wild herbs growing in the desert.

There is evidence that at Circulatory disorders, gastritis and stomach pain helps Marmara.Tea with it can lower blood sugar, combat overweight and promote lactation.

Features Egyptian yellow tea

more unusual tea than yellow Egypt, the world's no.It is derived not from the leaves of tea bushes and grasses and seed helby.Otherwise the plant is called Shambhala, fenugreek, chaman, Abish, camel grass or hay fenugreek.This Bedouin tea is incredibly popular.Tourists enjoy its taste in Egypt and brought home.

Helba refers to legumes.Its small seeds (beans), reminiscent of buckwheat, are located in large pods.Leaves, flowers and beans helby saturated coumarin, exude a strong characteristic aroma of spices.They give a slightly vanilla and chocolate.

unusual yellow tea from Egypt, reviews of which are contradictory (there are gourmands, ready to savor it endlessly, but there were also those who are confined to exotic drink wine), it has fragrance, filled with smoked notes.The skin of people who use a drink, impregnated with a specific smell.Some say that it smells like walnuts, others - bitter wormwood.

Composition Egyptian yellow tea

Beans helby of which boiled fragrant Bedouin tea, rich in trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.In preparing the drink, get the healing extract mucus and bitter substances, rutin and coumarin, steroidal saponins, and phytosterols, flavonoids and alkaloids, essential and fatty oils, tannins and enzymes.

useful substances from the beans is almost completely dissolve in boiling water, forming a stewed fruit with powerful healing properties.Drink a beneficial effect on the human body.

Benefits of tea helby

healing power of fenugreek has been evaluated by Hippocrates.Physician recommended it for menstrual pain and nursing mothers to increase lactation.He used helbu during childbirth to relieve pain.

undoubted benefits of tea for the treatment of diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract.Drink deduces from intestinal toxins and mucus, relieves stomach cramps.It makes life easier ulcer, enveloping wall of the digestive system with a protective film.Pregnant women drink herbal infusion to give the elasticity of the muscles.

using it, normalize liver function, reduce the level of "harmful" cholesterol and blood sugar, get rid of skin diseases.People experiencing inadequate feeding and unbalanced load, thanks to a decoction of helby avoid anemia.

Tea treat arthritis, kidney cleanse.Adding to drink a decoction of date, dissolve and deduce stones formed in the kidneys and are present in the bladder.It is used to treat women's diseases, headaches removal and disposal of impotence.Phyto from helby - wonderful antidepressant, it calms, removing anxiety.

is good for colds and yellow tea from Egypt.Reviews say that stewed fruit from helby - powerful antipyretic and expectorant.A mixture of yellow tea, and milk helps eliminate dry cough, get rid of bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia and other illnesses.

Nutritionists are actively using the drink as an additional means in a comprehensive program aimed at reducing excess weight.The action of the components of tea has a beneficial effect on the heart, vision and mental activity.They lead to normal blood pressure and to stimulate immunity.

Brewing yellow tea

Since the seeds are used as a welding medicinal herbs, not the leaves, the traditional method of preparation of the beverage is not suitable for yellow tea.Of course, you can helbu pour in boiling water and infuse.However, the beans will not reveal all the medicinal properties and benefits of tea will be complete.

For yellow tea invented a special recipe.Beans boiled fenugreek.Helba - is not a luxury tea from Egypt, but rather a grassy stewed fruit.About teapot and think it is not necessary, it is not suitable for the preparation of healthful beverage.The broth is made in a small saucepan.

Washed and Dried fenugreek seeds are ground and deep fried, giving the open tea flavor.The drink is made from a glass of water and 1-2 teaspoons of prefab welding.The mixture boil for 5-8 minutes.

turns tea, tasty, variously described by people.Some feel it tastes extravaganza, others consider it an unpleasant drink.Despite the wealth of shades, causing mixed feelings, tea fans argue that the scheme in a flavored herbal decoction is dominated by nutty notes.

How to drink yellow tea

Drink a drink, a little cool and sweetened with sugar or honey.Sometimes it is added in pieces ginger or lemon slices, and instead of water for the infusion taking milk.For therapeutic purposes, seed helby often not prepared broths and 12-hour infusions.

On the basis of yellow tea is prepared a lot of therapeutic drinks.Decoction of milk and seed helby eliminate impotence.Thick infusion of fenugreek dates to give people suffering from anemia.Against Arthritis use means of stevia leaves and beans, fenugreek.

Where to buy Bedouin tea

in Egyptian stores and drug stores sell ready-made tea blends.The problem is that they are not the basis of elite tea, and cheap black varieties.Therefore, when the tourists return home recommend buying the herbs separately.From high-quality welding Khabakov, Marmara or helby easy to cook excellent homemade liquor that is virtually indistinguishable from what is served in Egypt.

Strict cooking recipes do not exist, that opens up unlimited possibilities for experiments.If the tea leaves of noble varieties to enrich the taste and aroma of desert grass, get a nice Bedouin tea without losing the properties of the beverage, brewed by the Egyptians.

However, this is an optional condition.To fit the drink not only branded black teas.Choosing different tea leaves, changing its relationship with herbs, comparing and feeling the difference, a lover of exotic drink is sure to find the perfect recipe Bedouin tea, which takes pleasure, cheer and improve their health.