How to choose a high-quality metal profiles for the drywall?

Metal profile for plasterboard coated with zinc, it is one of the most modern construction materials, which are increasingly used in a variety of repairs.That is why the sale starts to appear similar goods of varying quality, and all samples meet the requirements of reliability and, therefore, will not be able to perform their functions for a long time.Know the difference between a metal profile for plasterboard highest standard of short-lived, it is necessary and those who use the services of builders, to verify the accuracy of price and quality.

Firstly, the production of such a profile has its tricks.Galvanizing process allows you to get a result from a profile frame for gypsum board, protected against corrosion.For this zinc content in the upper layers of the material should not be less than 99.9 percent.If this figure will be significantly lower this metal profiles for the drywall can not be used.Poor quality frame will undergo particularly rapid corrosion in a humid environment, and thus thinning the metal is deformed under the pressure of other materials, or even collapse.

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It is therefore important to know and what kinds of painted profile - this is not always material with an additional level of protection from the destruction of the metal.Most likely, in this case, the manufacturer is trying to hide galvanized enough qualitative composition.In addition, metal profiles for gypsum board covered with paint, uncomfortable in the process of mounting the frame, because the upper layers of paint immediately separated and create extra garbage.

Apart from coating processes in the manufacture of building materials, there are other "pitfalls".Choosing a profile for plasterboard ceiling, or any other similar profile carcass, be aware that its thickness should not be less than the standard of 0.5 - 0.6 mm.This metal is reliable, while the more subtle types require additional work for installation reinforcing struts.

very often to hide the real thickness of the metal profile, manufacturers make it a perforated surface.Then the material is not only difficult to measure and evaluate, it is inconvenient in operation.

In fact, knowing these basic tricks, choose a quality profile for the frame is not too difficult.The surest way - to consider a large number of its species in one shop.The difference samples differ in price, and will be apparent to the touch.But the hard profile with a smooth structure and the strength of the longitudinal ribs - exactly what you need.The surface of such material should shine in the light, which indicates compliance with all requirements for galvanizing.Faulty composition, on the contrary, is cloudy and dull.

Choice of metal profile and timely verification of the level of its quality - important process, because the removal of the adverse effects of bad materials subsequently takes more time and effort.