Happiness - is the state of our souls

Happiness - what is it?We are often asked the question, and without trying to understand it and respond to it.From a philosophical point of view, happiness - a state of the human soul, where the feeling of great satisfaction and joy.The source of it is mental harmony.The essence of happiness is in the unity of emotion and reason.Of course, for it can not be one of a specific definition, because for every person, it means something different.But the source - this is always the human soul.

Happiness - is a mood that comes at a time when the heart rejoices when a man happy, that all came to this wonderful world, he rejoices.The secret of this jubilation and enjoyment of life is hidden in our souls.

It is important to always be alert, be prepared for this state.But often, feeling miserable, the person receives a certain number of strange pleasure.And it is not in masochism, but in a certain sense, that comes to us from a distant childhood.In moments of misery, when we get sick as a child, got injured, we applied resentment, we received the most unequivocal evidence of parental love.Then we felt significant need loved ones.Need proof that you appreciate, love, need, even from suffering, moves us from childhood into adult life at an unconscious level.

Quite often we have a habit of getting stuck in your past - turning over moments remembering long comprehending.There comes a new day, the sun is shining, people are smiling, there are all new developments, and we are stuck in the past, "gnaw" events, phrases, feelings and facial expressions, not realizing that life - she was right in front of us!It is necessary to afford to enjoy and live, not waiting for the old habit of compassion and acknowledgment of its importance, remembering that today, tomorrow will be the same in the past.But today, on this day at our disposal.And once we decide, it will be happy or not.

Sometimes in an attempt to somehow overcome the state of mental fatigue, depression, dissatisfaction with life, people, unfortunately, has resorted to the use of drugs, alcohol and nicotine.And then he already is in the abyss, from the depths of which he urgently needed help to get out.This help often comes from relatives.But you can be happy without resorting to such extreme measures.The main thing - remember that to be a man satisfied with his life - is no exception to the rule, and the elementary ability to notice small joys that gives us the fate of every day.It is important to thank her for them.It is to learn to live it today and consciously.We all live here, to realize and understand, to teach and to learn something, to fulfill its important mission and help others in its implementation.Therefore it is necessary to make every effort in order to be happy - it is our only duty.After all, like sorrow, joy is contagious.So why not infect others exceptionally good mood?After all, happiness - this positive emotions.This is a time when great effort by the person manages to align the real-soluble matter and spiritual aspirations.It is often said: Happiness - is when you understand, when you love, when there children ... and rightly so.The fact that the greatest human needs are always communication and love.

Can anyone give any universal recipe for happiness?Of course not.The soul is not at all the same.And the situation may be different.The only way to true happiness - is the desire (active desire) to acquire such.And here it is important to have the desire and constant movement.The main thing - do not stop.And let pass all the sadness, all the adversity and sad days.