What is hardcore?

fulfilling the golden rule of "be honest with their readers," I declare that did not have before writing this article is not the slightest idea of ​​what hardcore and what it eats.My ignorance fueled interest in order to get to the truth and to find out more about such a mysterious concept.

So Hardcore - a category that does not have a clear interpretation.Finder gave me a lot of treatments, but they all agree on one thing - it's a little different musical direction.Below, I will explain why according to this definition.

hardcore punk emerged in the US and Britain in the late 70s and sang the theme of freedom, anarchy, the will of man.If you compare this trend with punk rock, there are tracks less time, but more severe.Externally, the performers looked like this: T-shirt or a plaid shirt, narrowed jeans, shoes, tattoos, piercings (the latter came into use relatively recently).

But we should distinguish what hardcore in Britain and America.Of course, the styles are similar, but there are its own peculiarities.In the UK, there is street punk, di-bit (here, a tough game dominated by the guitar and scary, roaring vocals), grindcore, crust punk.

next area, which is also known as hardcore - it's hardcore rap.This music is different for heavy beats and chaotic audio.

Hardcore techno appears in the 90 years in the Netherlands, Germany, England;hallmark recognized conducted experiments with the speed of the music.

That is hardcore knows every self-respecting musician, referring in this environment, but all of the styles did not know anybody.The fact that they - countless, and occasionally there are new directions.Survives, of course, a few, but once familiar and were now new and no one knows, but they conquered the planet and won the hearts of millions of fans.

I would like to list the most popular styles:

1. Gabber - one of the most "treshovyh" species.

2. Happy distinguished touch of fun and ease that there is quite rare in this kind of music, there's aggression is minimized;originally inserted playing the piano, for example, or cutting from the well-known songs in the genre of pop.

3. Industrial hardcore - very heavy direction in which the sound is literally crushes the head, almost no melody, so unprepared listener almost impossible to master at least one track.

4. And I would like to mention about speedcore - the fastest style in which speed reaches up to three hundred beats per minute!

Mentioned are some countries, but we need to talk about the Russian and hardcore.He appeared in 1994, his ancestor recognized DJ Digger.Then, developing this direction, we came to create a brand "orbital station", which is arranged as a party, which was attended by MC Pate, Or-Beat, Digger, Shark and others.Tradition became friendly battles held between the musicians.

In 1998, Russian hardcore has undergone dramatic changes due to the departure of DJ Or-Beat Canada.After this event, the program was handed over to another host, but after a short action closed.

now present on the Russian scene a hundred artists who adhere to a wide variety of styles.

But what is hardcore, without taking into account the music?It turns out that the popular game mode «Fallout: New Vegas», which is considered to be more complex than usual.Concurrently here hardcore - and even an award intended for those who will master this complicated regime and fully pass game.

Certainly, many have heard of hardcore in their daily lives - a term used to refer to something hard, rough and heavy.As we say in certain situations, "hardcore mode".

So here were considered three options for the definition of "hardcore," but there is no guarantee that in the near future, this category can not be interpreted differently according to the time.But the old value changes, as well as all around, and most of all, new styles of music will not make fans long to languish in expectation of a miracle.