Entente and the Triple Alliance

Entente and the Triple Alliance - the military-political alliances, each of which pursued their own interests, they are the opposing forces during the First World War.

Entente - a political alliance between the two friendly states - Russia and France, created in 1895.

Unlike the Triple Alliance, which was a military unit before the start of the First World War, the Allies became a full-fledged military association only when over Europe in 1914 rocked weapon shots.That year Britain, France and Russia signed an agreement in which they took upon themselves the obligation not to conclude a separate peace with their opponents.

Triple Alliance originated from the reunification of Germany and Austria-Hungary in 1879.A little later, namely in 1882, joined by Italy, which completes the formation of the military-political bloc.He played a significant role in creating the situation that led to the First World War.In accordance with the clauses of the contract, signed a five-year period, the member countries of the agreement pledged not to engage in activities directed against one of them, to provide full support to each other.According to their agreement, all three parties were to serve as so-called "podstrahovschikami."In the event of an attack on Italy, its reliable protection became Germany and Austria-Hungary.In the case of Germany - its supporters, Italy and Austria-Hungary, which have been a trump card in case of participation in military actions of Russia.

Triple Alliance was concluded on the basis of secret and with some reservations on the part of Italy.Since she did not want to enter into conflict relations with Great Britain, then he warned his allies that so they did not count on its support in the event of an attack on any of them from the UK.

Creating the Triple Alliance was the impetus for the formation of a counterweight in the face of the Entente, consisting of France, Russia and Britain.It is this confrontation led to the beginning of the First World War.

Triple Alliance existed before 1915, since Italy in hostilities has participated on the side of the Entente.This redistribution of power was preceded by the neutrality of the country between Germany and France, with which "a native" was not profitable to spoil relations.

Triple Alliance was eventually replaced by a quarter-in which Italy has been replaced by the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.

Entente and the Triple Alliance were extremely interested in the Balkan Peninsula and the Middle East.Germany wanted to seize the part of France and its colonies;Austria-Hungary was necessary control over the Balkans;England was designed to weaken the position of Germany, to consolidate the monopoly of the world market, as well as to maintain the power of the sea;France wanted to return snatched during the Franco-Prussian War, the territory of Alsace-Lorraine;Russia would take root in the Balkans, captured the West of Germany.

greatest amount of controversy was due to the Balkan Peninsula.Both the first and second block wanted to strengthen its position in the region.Fighting began by peaceful diplomatic means, accompanied by a parallel training and strengthening the military forces of the countries.Germany and Austria-Hungary actively taken up the modernization of the army.Less than all of Russia was prepared.

The events, serve, and which pushed the beginning of hostilities, was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the Serbian student Gavrilo Princip.Shot in ehavshuyu car he struck not only Ferdinand, but also his wife.July 15, 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia ...