Thermal radiation

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Thermal radiation (radiation) is the transfer of heat energy provided by the electromagnetic waves, from one body to another.It occurs due to the internal energy of the body.In this wavelength range from 0.74 to 1000 micrometers.Waves that have a certain length, are absorbed by the body and then pass through the atmosphere.Interestingly, the radiation can occur not only in a particular environment, but in a vacuum.This process generates heat - unit of energy.

Thermal radiation can occur due to chemical or nuclear reactions, electromagnetic scattering, as well as by mechanical action on the subject.The energy that is released can be transmitted by touching, that is, the interaction between subjects with high and low temperatures, as well as by transferring using liquids or gases, or radiation (heat transfer from the source to the matter).The latter method is sufficiently productive to generate heat.Heat rays carry energy, and when they get on the subject, this energy is absorbed - and objects are heated.When two objects with different temperatures come into contact with each other, formed by the heat flow which is terminated when the temperature of the bodies are compared.Thus, a heat radiation.This process can occur in nature, for example, in the atmosphere, and artificial means, such as a filament lamp.

It should be noted that every body plays uninterrupted light and absorbs light of other bodies.In the case where there is thermal equilibrium, for each object stream and absorbs the radiation emitted is the same.In this case, we can talk about the absence of heat exchange processes between the elements.When the temperature of the element is higher than the other, the former will radiate thermal energy to a greater extent than absorb it from the other body.Here you can talk about the presence of heat transfer between the elements.

consider him that is heat radiation and its characteristics.

known that the elements are heated to a high temperature, light.This phenomenon is called thermal radiation.It is accomplished by moving the molecules of a substance having a temperature above zero.Thus, at a high temperature radiates visible short wave at low - long infrared.

Consider the example of this phenomenon.So, accommodation in most cases, are heated by electric heat emitters.The red glow of the spirals and is visible heat radiation.A infrared radiation carries heat, which is heated and the premises.

Heat radiation - a type of radiation is an equilibrium that is not changing macroscopic parameters.All other types of radiation are nonequilibrium.

essence of the same rays.It is presented in the form of electromagnetic waves propagating in space.The thermal energy is formed by the development of the internal energy of the heated element.The number of this kind of energy depends on the temperature and the physical properties of the body, which it emits.

Thermal radiation plays an important role in natural processes and human activities.The sun is the strongest thermal radiators.The intensity of thermal radiation is approximately 1.3 W / m2.

Thus, the thermodynamic equilibrium, all elements of the system have the same temperature.The energy of the thermal radiation that emanates from each body, is compensated by the energy that is absorbed by the body of data.This process is called thermal equilibrium radiation.