Dandelions - healthy flowers.

come summer - the time when you can collect and store up many useful herbs and flowers.In folk medicine used chamomile, aloe, barberry and other plants.In this article we will talk about the beneficial properties of the dandelion.It turns out that these colors can not only weave wreaths, but also to do medicinal syrups, teas and tinctures.

Recipe syrup dandelion Dandelion

has many useful properties.Often it is used in folk medicine.But, in addition, from this flower make excellent juices, jam and tinctures.Delicious dishes that use this plant, there are many.Dandelion Syrup recipe is quite simple, being prepared, however, for two days.To cook it you need a large number of yellow flowers, cold water, sugar, lemon or orange to taste, as well as container, where it will all be mixed.

begin the process

  1. First you need to collect a large number of dandelions and rinse them well.
  2. then need to cut thin slices of lemon.
  3. Mix flowers with citrus and pour boiling hot water.
  4. Cook the mixture over low heat should be within half an hour.
  5. Then cover the pan with a lid and store in a cool place for a day.
  6. After 24 hours, strain the mixture and to press flowers.
  7. Next you want to add sugar and simmer the broth for two hours on medium heat.
  8. Then cooked syrup can be poured on the sterilized jars and roll.

healing tincture turns out very tasty and good, but is good and the fact that it is so simple recipe.Syrup of dandelion can make any man.We only collect the necessary number of colors, and you can start cooking.The more notable this recipe syrup of dandelions?Useful properties it does not allow you to get sick in the cold season.

Tasty whether obtained from the flowers of dandelion syrup?

recipe described above will help you to prepare a tasty and really healthy beverage.It will appeal to children, because it is usually done quite sweet.To prepare a tasty drink at home, no need to spend a lot of money.It will be enough just to buy sugar, and everything else can be found for free.This recipe (dandelion syrup) was invented in ancient times, when there was no gas stoves, even in sight.He survived to the present day in its original form.To diversify the classic recipe, you can add any citrus fruit in syrup, it will give it spice and give an unusual taste.

Useful properties of dandelion.Recipe

Syrup of dandelion is considered a valuable folk remedy, because the flowers have useful properties, which would be appropriate for the treatment of almost all diseases.They help indigestion, save for insomnia, calm the nervous system.With the help of magic bullet increases immunity, restores the level of acidity in the body.Dandelion contains many vitamins, chemical elements, which are required for human organism.He rescues from colds, so take dandelion syrup cough.Prescription drug decoction is not difficult, it is easy to remember:

  • gather flowers;
  • rinse well;
  • pour cold water;
  • boil and cook for 30 minutes;
  • give infusions per day;
  • boil two o'clock;
  • pour into clean jars and allow the patient to take.

When can I start collecting these little flowers?

To prepare the syrup from dandelions to collect young, but mature flowers.They begin to bloom in late spring - early summer.At this time, the plant absorbs all the useful elements.The drugs are concentrated mainly in the petals, and dandelion root.If you combine it with other products, you can get rid of problems in the spine and pain in the bones.

What else do syrup?

syrup dandelions, whose recipe can be found in our article, do to replace the tablet.This plant is considered an environmentally friendly product, so its properties can be used without any harm to the body.This recipe (dandelion syrup) is used in folk medicine for colds.Good tool for people who suffer from insomnia, edema, as well as those who need a diuretic.Syrup is an antiviral, anti-expectorant and anti-cancer agent.This medicine is obtained tasty and fragrant.Once a person feels unwell or heavy breakdown, he needs to start taking this miracle drink.

Why else would collect these flowers?

in common dandelion is used to treat liver and kidney.With data output color stones from the gallbladder.They also help in atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol in the body, treat cirrhosis remove molasses.Apply syrup and poisoning, strong cough, gastritis and joint diseases.From dandelion make peerless juice.Liquid, which is collected from the flower, acts as a tonic.It is useful for the jaw attaches fortress tooth enamel and prevents them from collapse.But the best effect is still syrup, as it has a special cooking technique, it is cleaned and boiled, so perish all the dangerous bacteria.Good for kids and he who can not even take some pills, and you need to treat the disease.Calm the child-like syrup, and when he will start teething.It is an indispensable tool to be always at hand, so to have it, you need to consider this issue in the spring and prepare a cure for the winter.

Dandelions can roll with an alcohol or vodka.Be sure to sterilize the jars before closing.

can stir the syrup with butter and spread on bread.That drug can promazyvat pancakes and cakes.The main thing to do with the soul of the syrup and keep all the proportions that it has not turned bitter or tasteless.

But remember that all diseases can not be cured, using nothing but only dandelions.For advice consult the official medicine practitioners and doctors.Stay in shape and never get sick.And remember that health - is the most valuable thing in life.