Can you baptize a child without the Cross?

There are cases where young parents are trying to find answers to their questions: "Can you baptize a child without the Cross?"Not always everything in life is equally, and sometimes there is an urgent need to baptize the child.In such cases, the chosen godparents can be very far away, or they simply do not exist.

How should the child be baptized in the church?

Some literature published with the blessing of the Orthodox Church, helps to learn how to baptize a child in church.For example, take a set of rules about the sacrament of baptism.It clearly states that the rite necessarily provided the presence of recipients: godmother and father.For himself the child is unable to promise to be obedient Christian and faithful to his Lord alone.

Young children are baptized in the faith of their parents and godparents.If the parents and the recipients of the Orthodox faith, that they hold the answer for a Christian education.On behalf of the newborn adult renounce evil thoughts and deeds before the Lord Jesus Christ.


If baptism is necessary to immediately allocate some exceptions to the rule, allowing for the rite without the cross.Under the category of exceptions falls a situation when a child is very sick, and the doctors can not eliminate the threat of death.In such cases, the Church makes it possible to baptize the baby without the recipients.When the baby gets better, you can always opt for his godparents.

Baptism may hold any employee of the hospital, seeing the poor condition of the baby.He also has the right to take the place of godparents.To do this, take the water (if possible consecrated) and watered her infant's head, each time saying the baptismal formula.

text baptismal formula is: "Cross the servant of God (God's servant) in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!"In situations where a ceremony held person not related to a particular religion (the layman), there is a need to visit the church and ask the priest to complete the baptism properly.

Can you baptize a child without the Cross according to various priests?

From life examples show that various priests pertaining to the same religion, a different answer to the question: "Can you baptize a child without the Cross?"Some of them allow recipients the ability to record, citing the words of the mother or the father of the child (correspondence baptism).Others believe that did not participate in the conduct of baptism godfather and mother, according to the Orthodox canons, are not those of the Lord God.

Therefore, if you wish, or direct urgently needed ritual, it is necessary to consult a spiritual director (priest) and get an answer to the question: "Can you baptize a child without the Cross?"By the way it will be mentioned that the godfather of your child can become the abbot himself.