Life and his choice

Life Path - this is a special term in philosophy, indicating the history of the individual, as well as the process of change and evolution since the birth of the person and ending with his death.In many cases, the term is synonymous with the word "biography."

first person to formulate the concept of life's journey, was S. Buhler.In its statement the way of life had three different lines.The first - is a series of real events in the life of man.Second - it is an emotional experience associated with them.Third - it is the results of actions undertaken by that person.

At the same time it put forward his own theory of P. Janet, characterized the way of life as a series of stages of development and the biography of the individual, its evolution.

There are other formulations of this concept, but they are all variations on the theme of the first two definitions.What interpretations stick everyone decides for himself - because of significant differences between them, each of them has a right to exist.

should be noted that the above definitions are acceptable way of life for a person with a rational mind.The mystic believes that the term "career" means a scenario invented especially for him by higher powers.But even he, as a rule, admits that it is possible to have any impact on this very scenario.How?His own actions!By doing the right thing (read - something favorable for the "writers"), he seems to be remunerated in the form of favorable developments, and made a mistake, forced to endure many troubles.

point of view of the mystic, though not too true, but certainly much more interesting dry knowledge realist.

But there is another interpretation of the concept of life.It is no less important than the above, and is used more often than they do.So the way of life of the individual - is the process of its implementation of its mission, the road leading to the goal of life.

Unfortunately, for most people searching for this very road is very difficult.Why is that?Yes, because the surrounding (parents, friends, colleagues, relatives) often believe that they know better what is the best way of life of their loved ones.Particularly strong influence was felt children - by the numerous adult relatives.That is why so many people choose a wrong path in life - for the hubbub of voices of friends and family is very difficult to hear the silent cry of the true vocation.

most acute problem arises life choices for young people just starting adult life.This is not surprising, because it unfolds in front of them a lot of different opportunities.

And that young people are most likely to make a mistake and regret it all my life.Therefore it is so important to learn to make the right decisions, and for this you need to follow a few simple rules.

First, you need to learn to distinguish between their own desires and aspirations of the images imposed on other people.It is equally important to distinguish between the true desires, conscious, coming from the heart, from the low-lying aspirations evokes instincts.

Secondly, everyone should learn to respect their own desires and not to put them below the desires of strangers - even alone.

Third, do not assume that everything that one can dream, fall from the sky into the hands of a man just stepped on their own way.To achieve the desired will have to work hard.

And, fourthly, we must not forget about responsibility: any choice will be on the conscience of the person who made it - whether on their own or under someone's influence.