Which camera to choose

Going on vacation while waiting for any family celebration, many to solve complex problems, "What camera to choose?" After all, they do not know what, not counting the cost, you should pay attention in the first place.

modern manufacturers produce these products in a fairly wide range.However, choosing one or another model is made abroad, note whether it is adapted for sale in the Russian Federation.This will testify to support the PAL television and the availability of a complete manual in Russian.

Decide what kind of camera to choose, pay close attention not only to the brand but also to the place of production.It may well be that choosing the advertised brand, you get the goods manufactured in a country about which you think.It will likely have no impact on its technical characteristics, but if this is important to you, you should check it out before making a purchase.

then deciding what camera to choose, think about the format of the videos you recorded.It can be analog or digital.Recorded using a device of the first type of image you can see on a standard VCR.View on the laptop will only be possible after further processing the video.In addition, the size of analog cameras far exceed the size of the digital.But their cost is much lower.

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worth noting, many VHS format is already considered "yesterday," and therefore, determine which camera to choose, prefer a more modern digital model, the exact format of MiniDV.These devices are small enough, they allow you to shoot high quality video comparable to the level of DVD-movies.Recordable sound of it practically does not differ from the CD.In addition, using the digital form of writing allows you to save high-quality images, even in many of rewriting and copying the captured material.

now turn to video media, which are installed on modern models of camcorders.This may be tape (MiniDV).If it suits you, then look at the Sony DCR-PC55E, Samsung VP-D655i, Canon MV880X.Also, you can also record to disk (Mini DVD), you can immediately view it in the video player after recording interesting events.Cassettes allow us to write a longer fragment than drive.They are smaller degrade the quality of the initial image.Furthermore, if the recording medium is a tape, the video camera is cheaper.However, modern technology allows to cut some fragments of video that was saved in the format DVD, for example, the model Sony DCR-DVD403E.

It's time to pay attention to the functionality of these devices.Professional models are very expensive, and hardly anyone is able to put the necessary amount to buy them.However, semi-camcorder reveals itself best when shooting movies for home archives, in particular, Panasonic NV-GS33GC-S.

Many models are capable of handling two types of signal: incoming and outgoing.Exceptions are slightly legacy devices that are not able to accept a signal from an external source.

Equally important is the optics of these devices.What it will be perfect, the better the image will be and the higher the cost.Especially it will be noticeable in terms of the approximate shooting, where possible, try to avoid.In such cases it is better to take the opportunity of the digital approximation of an object at which to shoot video scaling will be done by increasing the density of pixels.

As you see, choose a video camera is not so difficult.The main thing here - your desire and financial opportunities.Remember that the next model, you may be able to buy only after a certain time, so is it worth saving?