How to choose a car navigator

while driving a car on a strange city certainly raises the question of how to navigate to a completely unfamiliar area?Then come to the aid of modern technological advances, namely car navigators to help the common man can easily find the right way to your goal.To do this, just need to know how to choose a car navigator with a combination of good quality and reasonable prices.

But just to buy and install the browser will not work, because the choice and installation need to know some tricks that we now consider.

The main thing you need to decide what - is exactly what we need navigator.And how not to make mistakes when choosing from a large number of models offered?

We will not consider the standard built-in car navigators and special applications in smartphones.Here we will talk only about the classic devices PND, and about how to buy a navigator.

matter what region you are planning to use your car navigator;it is this criterion and will depend on the navigation system device.

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Most cars have already installed these devices, but, unfortunately, they often show incorrect information, so it is necessary to replace them certain software.It takes a long time, and the result is unlikely to please you.

When you are faced with the question "How to choose a browser?", First you must choose the right navigation system.

navigation system is a major component of any car navigator.If you want to go to Europe, for example, on your car, then you are best suited for navigation systems as iGO or TomTom.But after returning home, you will find that they will not work on local roads, so there is a need to change or completely software or a set of cards.Some navigators integrated automatic positioning system, and to enable it to press only one button.But, unfortunately, this feature is not present on all devices of this type.

If you think about how to choose the browser, you should know that it is important for you to find a suitable graphical interface, because the navigator usually used during traffic, and customize it in no time.Therefore, when choosing a device, try to choose an interface to the functionality you need at the minimum number of clicks of the system.In such navigators as "PROGOROD" and "SitiGid" there is a menu of mobile access.The hardware of the PND should be hidden from the eyes of motorists under the images will, in order to make management easier and more intuitive navigation.

Before choosing Navigator, you need to determine the size of the device screen.Modern standard - 4-5 inches, making it ideal for both passenger cars and for heavy.This range is provided in view of the fact that the navigator is located on the front of the car.For small or sports car is best to choose a diagonal 3 inches, so it will fit well into the interior and will be the driver behind the wheel.

Which browser is better to buy - a simple and practical at an acceptable price or with a beautiful design and the cost is several times higher?You choose.But this case, better to give preference to cheap car navigator.Such a choice will be determined by the fact that the more expensive models have a complex interface, but the functionality is often totally different from their cheaper counterparts.