When spring comes?

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In the old days, when there were no televisions and computers, people were determined with the help of the weather will and sayings.For example, a wonderful time of year - spring, when the gradually begins to warm gentle sun, the snow melts, the birds are singing and the flood comes.Because of the snow grows fresh grass, one can see the dry leaves, the flowers grow.In nature, everything starts to come to life.But how to determine when spring comes?To do this, a lot of people were writing sayings and signs that can accurately predict the weather of the coming season.


Farmers start to the first plowing, when the earth thaws.It starts sowing bread, potatoes and other crops.Even this work was an interesting speech in Russian proverb: "Hopeful Spring - but that's not deceive," "Spring, you are very beautiful day," "Above the spring comes, but still below it freezes", "Spring - Queen of Water", "High WaterSpring into trouble, be patient "," spring water, even the king did not have the right to comfort "," autumn Sleep and do not cross the water, and in the spring transition but not oversleep an hour "(otherwise it may happen flood).All these folk signs of spring based on the wisdom of many nations, verified experimentally many people.

Signs still says that if the spring would not be ice on the river and ice floes float away down the river - which means that the harvest will be rich, and the year will pass easily.If greatly overflowing river, then you can expect a good harvest."If you spill water - lots of hay to be, but that's not vodopole plaguing the beast."Flooded meadows and fields, the livestock will graze anywhere.

How to predict the weather

most good and favorable time of the year it is late spring.It is alleged that the summer is expected to warm and humid, and the harvest is rich and delicious.Most importantly, flood sweeps the ice, that would not melt in one place.In addition, a particularly fast the snow will melt in the warm and bright sun.Experienced people can do the weather forecast in the spring by means of a sign: "Do not be fooled spring, which comes late," "If the spring is pouring rain the river, then you will not see a drop in the summer, but autumn walk with buckets and scoops," "spring water accumulatesIn the autumn of wets, "" Dirty spring - will be on the table a lot of bread, "" Obmoet roots gentle rain all spring. "

weather in the spring.Wait what?

There are several interesting take on the subject.If after the snow melted, up hills, it means that there will be a fine crop.And if a flock of hills, then wait for the drought.Sometimes, when the snow thaws, and visible mold on the ground - wait for the harvest.When there is a lot birch leaves, then wait a year a little heavier.When people sow winter crops, the notice that if the dry leaves on the bushes and the trees, starting from the height - the first crop is more favorable, and the bottom - the last crop of more fortunate.About

spring storm sorts of sayings: "The earth will not be able to wake up, if you see the very first Thunder," "thunder is heard - will soon come warm weather," "The frog does not croak while there is a thunderstorm", "Thunder do not have, andLightning plays - summer is expected to dry "," If the first spring thunder from the west - do not expect anything good, but if on the east, south - the year will take place peacefully and successfully. ""Bad harvest - a strong thunder rumbles on bare tree" - says Poltava.And in general, to find out when spring comes, should listen to the people's signs.When the thunder, and the foliage of the trees is not developed, it is an unfavorable sign for the next harvest.

In addition, you can predict the weather and birds.For example, "Galka bring warmth," "Arrival gull means that will soon spring", "Ice melts when the first fly seagull", "Birds fly in flocks - a very warm and happy to wait for the spring," "When the seagulls fly and sit on the nest- the harvest will be rich, and if they sit on the track or trail, the hungry wait a year. ""Crane brings warmth," "Sooner arrived Cranes - come early spring", "There was warm weather, Crane was right there, and talking of himself - I brought all the warmth and joy" - so tell Belarusians."Sooner arrive larks - warm and wet spring expect", "Larks fly to joyous spring and finches - to cold", "arrive flying swallow - will thunder thunder", "Where the swallow flies, there's always spring comes."But remember that "only flown swallow does not bring", "Do not rejoice in the very first swallow, do not believe only a single killer whales."Such signs of early spring to help people prepare for the spring, to the field season.

predict the weather: bird helpers

There are many different signs, which predict the spring of singing birds.Knowing this, you can manually tell when spring comes."When it's time to get out of the lark on the land", "cuckoo cuckoo on a bare tree - wait for frost", "If there was a cuckoo before the green, it is necessary to wait for the hungry", "The nightingale sings, and the water falls", "Soloveyushka sings onlywhen drinking dew from the leaves of birch. ""Song of the Nightingale in the exposed wood mean that the harvest this year, do not expect", "The early songs corncrake mean rich summer", "If quail cries first, there will be bread on the table and fed cattle, but if Dergach singing - a little bread, a horsecattle and lean "- so read the Chuvash sayings.

We tell the signs of butterflies, amphibians and other animals

Many people wrote to take from the experience of the animals.For example: "If a frog croak and spring greatly satisfied" concerts ", it's time to go to plant crops," "Strong cry frog means that it is time to sow," "Singing frogs and quickly fall silent - a strong change in the weather," "a lot of tadpoles - yearfruitful. "

Ukrainian signs of butterflies: "If you see a beautiful butterfly-rash, then wait for a warm summer, and if zheltushek-GONEPTERYX RHAMNI - something wet and rainy.""No spring mosquitoes - will not grow herbs useful (to be dry summer)," "If you can see a lot of mosquitoes - a fine oats expect", "a lot of mosquitoes, it's time to cook the berries under the basket, and if a lot of midges - a basket of mushrooms cook."

protein usually a good feeling about the winter, and therefore makes a great winter stocks.Who could tell saiga Rather, strong storms in December?Nobody predicted.Biological barometer worked perfectly - huge herds of antelope, contemporaries of the mammoth, ran out Beypak Dala on the warm south of Kazakhstan.The most interesting thing is that all of the animals had time to leave this place and to avoid storms.

Signs of insects

When spring comes?Let us examine the actions of the insects.Well, just amazing meteorologists considered spiders.Everybody knows that spiders do not like moisture, so rarely go hunting in the morning.There are exceptions, when they can be seen in the morning or at night - if not the humidity and dew when all dry.It is a sign of imminent rain.

dung beetle is also perfectly predict the weather.It flies over the tracks and trails in the forest - it means that the expected good weather.Perhaps you had once heard the saying: "Strongly singing frogs - rain is expected."Of course, this has an explanation.The fact that their respiratory well feel the atmosphere change.Therefore, before the rains frogs sing not so loud, but rather hoarsely.As soon as people hear the "concert" of frogs, do not understand the nuance of this, I immediately say: "We are waiting for the rain."And it does not exist, since the frog only fun welcomed the upcoming clear day.

Folk signs of spring: our ancestors

As our old ancestors could characterize the spring?Many proverbs on the subject: "If the early snow bated, it will not melt for a long time", "early onset of spring - expect a lot of harvest," "Spring, whichever is later, never lies."Most scientists confirmed that weather conditions may prompt about four hundred species of insects and plants, more than six hundred animals.Secrets they reveal only very attentive and curious people.Therefore, national signs spring weather were very caring people who loved nature.When it comes to her good knowledge of the little signs you can learn to "read" the weather.

Birds - excellent weather forecasters

Many people watching the signs of spring in the pictures.It's easier to understand the ordinary townspeople prediction of weather and crop.Excellent weather forecasters - birds.They always fly in the atmosphere, so they often have a special sensitivity to light, pressure, as well as the accumulation of electricity before the coming storm.A great singer - a finch.Sometimes we hear it, and do not understand why he is sitting on a branch subdued.Experienced people this explains: "If a finch sings become silent and - wait for the rain."