How to please a guy in school?

Every girl dreams of a beautiful guy - smart, caring, beautiful and fun.Especially if this guy - a high school student and cheerleader, and you - a girl who dreams to win its location.How well the girls who study with him in the classroom, they see him as much as 6 hours a day, listening to him, open-mouthed, and you just have to search for the meetings in school corridors and dream about that in a disco he suddenly asked you toslow dance ... And here you are in the new trousers and jacket and you walk past him kosishsya looking or not - because this beauty floats - no, busy talking with other such girls.Ah, how would be in their place?

Here you and it is worth considering how to please a guy in school?Here you look at him and think, corner of my eye, "No, he will not look at me, I'm not his taste, I do not have a chance!".That is your fault.Your happiness is in your hands.The most important thing that you need - it's confidence and commitment to the goal.Nothing is impossible, and soon you'll be surprised, walking with him the lessons that was so timid.

Think about your abilities - you can sing, dance, paint well.You need to make sure that you have noticed it!Surely the school competitions.competitions, KVN.Here is your change!Be sure to sign up to a support group, if any.If you have a good delivery, you can conduct contests, then he will definitely notice.

Just imagine how you can like the guy, if you are all so beautiful and magnificent stand on stage and broadcasts, and even better thou keep the incendiary dance, or maybe sing beautifully.Or maybe you and will prepare for the next KVN, that's when you can meet.

If you join the organizing committee, it is possible to plan all school matters connected with the work of concerts for the holidays, Food, fairy tales, etc.

Surely goes to school trips.Well, it's just a great place for singles.On outings, as a rule, too, organize competitions between classes, so you can rest and cool to finally meet the guy of her dreams.Pre-cook a delicious cake, so that it was enough for many.And just treated everyone demanding comments to the dish.Of course, he did say something, you answer, and start up a conversation.Behave naturally, does not show that you like him, and all your dreams about him, and pillow knows all your secrets and resentments.Be yourself, be interested in him something, ask for help in testing, or job, to do everything possible so that all seemed as easy as possible.You may even notice that you have not seen him at school, he would be very surprised and his feelings will be hurt - as it may not know?He and the football team, and the principal's office the first!Give him a chance to talk about it, it's a great excuse to socialize.He will talk about themselves.And you listen to cute.

Remember one simple rule to know how to please a guy in the school, should also be in the spotlight.If you will "graze the rear" and sighing quietly in a corner, there is nothing and never will achieve - will be one of the gray mice in your school.You must be a leader, to be different and stand out!But are not at the expense of short skirts and red lipstick vulgar, and his manners, style, energy and charm, versatility, mystery.To all of you need to go and to understand how to please a guy in school, too.

If you are still tormented by the question, how to please a guy in the school, you can find his name and look on the social networks.You do not have to think how to please a guy in touch, you just send it to him an invitation to any location you comment the photo, said at a video.So people also communicate and, I must say, is quite promising.And if he finds out that you are in a school, all will be well.

If you are thinking how to please a guy in the school, do not hesitate to offer him help in algebra, physics or other awful thing, perhaps he will appreciate it.The main thing is do not be afraid, act, and be confident in yourself and your success.