From what to wear short pants?

short pants have taken a worthy place in the women's locker room.For many seasons, the streets are decorated with the lady in a dress.This success is easy to explain: pants with a short length of the female image give charm and poignancy.These qualities are highly valued in the modern technological world.The woman, dressed in short pants, pleases the eye and warms the soul.

This article of clothing was like a real style icons, such as Audrey Hepburn.She wore pants shortened length more often than any other clothing.Beauty and elegant aesthetics - are not the only advantages.Cropped pants are practical, easy to match with the base of women's wardrobe and are very comfortable.

With them are original images of various kinds: business, city, festive, glamorous.Classic, of course, never goes out of fashion and always a safe bet.Concise manner without unnecessary frills attracts a sense of style that has no missteps.Cropped pants can be combined with a strict top, buttoned at the neck, and flat shoes.But

in the modern fashion, and there is a place for experiments.Pants this style can be combined with the top decorated with drapery.This is a great option for a tall and slender ladies, as the folds add volume where it is needed, and focus on each bending seductive.Also, short pants look good with bright tops.Add to this combination of high heels, and provided compelling.

can go further in the fashion experiments and create an extravagant ensemble, which will involve cropped corduroy pants.They can be combined with ponchos, tops with stripes and nautical theme.You can pick up the rugged shoes.Such kits are well diluted antique accessories.

Any his short pants look great with tops with graphic design.If they are black, they perfectly complement the white top and black and white accessories.This outfit looks appropriate almost everywhere.

especially popular this season male style.Androgynous filled all the world's catwalks.Oddly enough, but the classic men's pants perfectly emphasize tenderness and fragility of the female body.But they can also be used to give the image a little bit "of masculinity."Black capri pants and white top with a V-neck, complete with soft moccasins, this stylish, attractive and very fashionable.

Pants 7/8 can safely wear to a party.To do this, they and the shirt of bright cotton should be supplemented by interesting accessories and foot wear to elegant ballerinas.This is a simple, convenient and original outfit, in which a woman will not go unnoticed.

for the hot season are ideal for short bright pants.With their help it is easy to create a fashionable fantasy images that are so in demand in the summer.

shorter length pants - fashion trend, it is worth paying attention to all modern women who want to look elegant, but not too boring.