Black dresses - the perfect choice for the evening

Epoch black dress began with the advent of the fashion industry stunning woman - Coco Chanel.It is thanks to her and her "little black dress", it ceased to be a symbol of mourning, sadness and sorrow.Black dresses - one of the best female companions, who may accompany it as an ordinary weekday, and at the soiree.

This dark color is universal.It does not require extra details: the skillful use allows it to become the center of attention.A minimum of accessories, combined with a black piece of art will be a real queen of the evening.

Every fashion season presents many interesting surprises.Famous designers all over the world offer a black dress with its innovations, raisins and interesting details.

black evening dress: transparent fabric and lace

Black color - a sign of elegance and taste.But he began to play an entirely new way by using one ensemble of different textures and fabrics.Special chic combination they give a variety of ornate lace weave and translucent satin and chiffon.

long black dress simple silhouette walking strictly on the figure, sewn from single or dual chiffon different density of Al Saab, shine in the literal sense of the word.Dark, pretty rough lace, which formed waves and curls over the entire length, very skillfully and beautifully combined with an incredibly neat loose rhinestones, sparkling special shine the light of day light on a dark background.

short black dress from Valentino have a fairly modest asymmetrical draped top and bottom.They are only slightly open knees and collarbone, and his tailoring are a real example of modesty.However, a special sexy model gives transparent black, which are painted with flowing patterns, reminiscent of the duo lines and leaves.

also looks sexy and work of Valentino associated fine pattern in incredible combinations.Bustier dress, free falls just below the knee, refined look with a scarf, shawl, made in the same technique.It is this detail gives the image of perfection and mystery.

deep black

This color has different shades of depth: some go closer to gray, while others resemble the blue of the night sky.Designers prefer a deep, true black color saturation.

simple form: top, completely covering the chest, a very thin straps and skirt trapezoid, greatly expanding downward, playing a completely new way by using rich fabric with a noble luster.These are - the perfect black dress by Armani.

thin jersey quality - just such a fabric chooses Gaultier for his fashion evening dress.Sitting on the figure and emphasizing every curve of the body, it attracts the attention of an unusual cut-out bodice and draped cloth.

The variety of models and forms of dress changed completely in the other direction, if chosen for their color turns black.Elegance, style and sex appeal even if it is completely closed - that's what the black evening dress.