Original types shnurovok for all occasions

last few years to the shoe with lacing back and more popular.Laconic classical model shoes or unusual sports shoes can be the basis for the selection of stylish clothes.But give a special character to help such detail as tying your shoes outside the box.At present, methods of lacing shoes at no less than thirty different variations.In addition to attracting attention, they also have other useful features.

example, especially considering the kind of practical shnurovok, mention may be made of the method, which is ideal for reliable tightening legs in ski or roller shoes.

position to provide assurance of the foot, it is necessary for tying the shoe lace insert the first thing in the long holes, and brought it out ends, tie them as usual, but at the same time, intertwined in each area.

To make the classic chic shoes, there are certain types of shnurovok.

For example, you can quickly and accurately by the European lace up shoes.

It consists in that the ends of the deduced bottom alternately interleaved.

And one segment of lace each time displayed on the diagonal one hole above the previous one.

special neatness different methods when the visible parts of the lace are parallel strips.

These types shnurovok talk about love shoe holder to detail, creative approach to business.But this method requires the same time for its implementation some skill.The ends of the lace are displayed inside the shoe through the bottom hole.

Then one of the segments is displayed perpendicular up through the next hole, and start up again at the same level in an adjacent ring, forming a straight cross-stitch.

The same operation is performed, and the other end of lace, but it is displayed on one level - and so forth.

preferred to tie shoelaces so will be when the number of levels equal to an even number of holes.

Types lacing sneakers primarily should be functionally justified, unlike the shoe laces for quiet walks on a smooth surface.Lovers of traveling and long hikes through thickets, forests and thickets will be useful information about how to prevent the hook for footwear branches and grass.

For this purpose, after removing the lace through the bottom hole to the outside, it is necessary to repeat the method of direct tying, only in this case will be straight stitches inside the shoe and out come the segments tightly adjacent to the shoe along.

When using this method, nodes are lace side.

most efficiently will bring those bows into the interior space to accurately prevent unnecessary entanglements.

Thus shnurovok types may facilitate daily life.

correct and creative selection of an appropriate method will not only impress your family, friends or co-workers, but also provide a comfortable movement.