What is beauty?

statements about what a beauty, is not considered.We can easily repeat the well-known, very serious and half-joking wording of the word.We know that it is - "a terrible power," "the language of super-consciousness", even "sound and visual pleasure."However, when it comes time to give its own answer to the question of what beauty is, we often experience difficulties.Similar difficulties experienced over the centuries, scientists trying to explain simple, seemingly, concept.

Until recently it was assumed: the beauty associated with expediency.Many scholars have argued: the concept of beauty - not that other, as a category of aesthetics, indicating a harmonious combination of many aspects that are complex in their causes delight the observer.That is why the word "beautiful" we use to describe the female or male body, architectural, landscape and so on.

Another part of the scholars on the question of what beauty is, gives a completely different answer.They believe that this is an ideal which corresponds to cultural or ethnic concepts prevailing in a particular place.

is no coincidence that the concept of "beautiful woman" in different people means different types of women.In Europe, for example, it is considered beautiful tall, leggy and slim girl.Such beauty for us to have a certain status.

Mauritania daughters specially fattened, sometimes using torture.Thinness in this country - a disgrace not only for the bride, but for the whole of her family.Mauritanians believe that only a woman can make thick, and then bring up a child.Hence, the concept of beauty, they are suitable in terms of survival.

In one of the tribes of North African women "beauty" cut down all the teeth.

No wonder they say: "How many people - so many opinions."California scientists have come to an unexpected conclusion at all.On the question of what beauty is, they answer: "In fact, there is no beauty."After some research, American psychologists have concluded that beauty - is a template, the primitive, the maximum similarity to the majority.

Beauty man the Americans claim is determined by the speed of processing visual information.The simpler the person, the less detail in it than simply cover the face of a man at a glance, the more beautiful it seems its owner.This phenomenon is called "lazy brain".Despite the fact that such statements are quite controversial in the past century, they have confirmed by a computer program.Photos six hundred beauties and handsome men generally accepted analyzed with the help of the program, taking into account the anthropometric data.It turned out that they are very similar to each other.

principle of "lazy brain" is triggered when evaluating people, animate and inanimate nature.

many centuries it was believed that the average standard of beauty has appeared as a result of evolutionary development.It is he who gives you a better chance of survival or reproduction.It was believed that the nature reproduces multiple copies only in the case when the original sample is worthy inheritance.

Today, American psychologists have proven the fallacy of the theory.

classics have their own opinion.They believe that the true beauty of the human - the unity of the appearance of the spiritual world, actions and aspirations.

So what is beauty?Apparently - a harmonious way that causes only positive emotions, something that is admired.Beauty - a sense of comfort with the pleasant manner, whether it is a beautiful landscape, a handsome man or a beautiful animal.

let each his own concept of beauty.Someone like mountains, others like steppe.One likes blondes, while others - bbw.

Beauty creates the desire to live, to communicate with the outside world, strive for perfection.