What's Requiem

Requiem.When we hear this word, it involuntarily makes us genuine sorrow, because it is usually associated with the tragic events.The composer wrote many works that show special moments of life, coupled with sorrow.For the tragic events was set up a special memorial service, which was accompanied by specific music.

That is why the question of what a requiem, there is only one answer - it is mourning and funeral Mass, which is dedicated to the memory of the dead.These traditionally include such musical works as: "Lord, have mercy," "Judgment Day" or "Day of Wrath" as well as "the Lamb of God."In the Middle Ages it was a major choral works, which were based on Gregorian chant melodies.Capella was mainly characteristic of the Catholic Church.The works were built according to strict rules and were not used in secular life.Canonical Requiem acquired its classic look to 1570, he personally approved by Pope Pius V.

meaning of requiem different in various churches.The Lutheran and Catholic, it means "eternal peace" and, in fact, is the identification of inconsolable grief for the departed forever, only expressed in a particular musical form.In the Orthodox Church this service is limited to the strict human voice without music, polyphony used only true believers who are in the church.

This kind of music has received widespread thanks to the performance in Catholic churches.Using the unique acoustics of the ancient buildings, the sound of extraordinary power of human voices and organ instruments contributed to the creation of masterpieces for all ages.

the beginning of the word requiem expressed in traditional music, consisting of several parts.The text was written in Latin.

What requiem today?As before, it is mourning, choral music.It has solos, which sound with an orchestra.Ceremonial ceased to dominate his character, and he moved smoothly into a wide concert bands.So the present amended requiem.Meaning it is still the same, but composers, as before, dedicating his memory of a loved one or a large number of people who died in the war, using non-canonical texts.

you ever heard sincere sounding from the heart, unique to inflame the emotions of grief and mourning melody of Mozart?He, unfortunately, I was not able to finish it to the end, as he died.If you are familiar with this work, it is not necessary to explain what a requiem.It's a tune at the first sound that you will understand why.Here, words are not needed, because the music - someone's endless grief that will never disappear, and she brilliantly expressed in music.Mozart's Requiem will sound as old as humanity will exist.

heyday of this direction in music took place in the Romantic XVIII century, there was no ringing more meaningful than a requiem.The value of this piece of music at the time can not be overestimated (meaning the traditional genres of sacred music).Above them worked Ludwig van Beethoven, Ference Liszt, Saint-Saens, Russian composer Osip Kozlovsky and many others.

occupy a special place requiems composers Brahms, Verdi's "War Requiem" by Benjamin Britten, a work of "Mass in C Minor" by L. Cherubini, dedicated to the memory of Louis XVI, as well as the "Polish Requiem" by Penderecki.

What requiem?It is music that makes a person think about the fact that life is transient and total loss.