Etiquette at the table.

received an invitation to dinner, everyone should thoroughly prepare for the event.First of all, we must not forget that late in any case it is impossible to thereby upset the hosts.Too early and you should not come, because they are still not quite ready to receive.

Immediately after coming to the table do not need to sit and wait for an invitation to be the hostess.Men are obliged to help the ladies to sit down, then can land themselves.

be able to observe the etiquette at the table - perhaps the most important thing that should be invited.No need to attract everyone's attention, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the people sitting nearby.It is also unacceptable to embarrass the owners or any of the guests.Should behave naturally and easily, thereby uninhibited atmosphere for others.

Good manners at the table are simple and easy to learn them all.Every man should take care of the ladies who sit him on both sides.Indecent rocking in a chair, make a lot of noise, knocking a knife and fork on the plate, as well as rattle chair, sitting down to the table or, on the contrary, rising because of him.

Observing etiquette at the table, do not immediately begin to eat, you should wait until the plates are filled with others.Only then can you start eating.Across the table is not necessary to reach out to far-standing dish, enough to ask for it from someone sitting next to, do not forget to thank them.Ugly abandon the proposed dishes.If it is not to your taste, then you need to take a small portion.

napkin before eating should be spread out on his knees.Etiquette at the table does not allow to fill it by the collar or wiping it all over your face.You just have a little wet lips.By the way, talking at a table with a mouth full of very indecent.

Quality of food should not be discussed at the table.Criticisms can offend the hostess, and excessive admiration may seem implausible.

If the fork or spoon accidentally dropped on the floor, or a little spilled wine on the table, focus on this is not necessary.Apologize for his awkwardness in front of the hostess and neighbors are also not worth it.We must, without drawing attention to himself, quietly ask for a new device, and tactful and intelligent people pretended not to notice.

necessary until the end of dinner, do not forget to observe the etiquette at the table.At the end of the meal from the table first raised by women.Men are obliged to help women get out and do need to stand for as long as the ladies did not leave the room.Then they can sit back in its place and if you want to smoke, but only with the permission of the owners.It is considered impolite at the table read any correspondence.

very important to maintain a positive mood guests table setting for dinner.Because we all know that a beautifully decorated table and dishes, exquisitely decorated, stimulate appetite.Beautiful tablecloth original table setting, sparkling clean dishes, hostess radiant smile and, of course, fresh flowers, no doubt will cause positive emotions and create a good mood.

Table layout is as follows.Deep dish put into small, departing two or three centimeters from the table.On the right side of a devices in the order in which they are used.The knife is placed near the plates, with the directional blade thereto, also the right.Spoon and fork placed concave side up, the plug must be left.Before the tip of the knife is put a glass of water.If dessert is supposed to dish that will need to be cut with a knife, then with a teaspoon served dessert fork and knife.Small salt shakers are placed near the device.The folded napkin on a plate placed on the left.Breadbasket and a vase of flowers must be present on the table.