Dreams, Come, explain to!

Any thoughts about the afterlife, the deceased people at all times have a very mixed reputation.It is not surprising that such dreams are causing many people to at least alert.But it is necessary to look at dream interpretation, everything becomes immediately clear.Friends, today we tell you what dream dead.

From time immemorial, people tend to treat any would dream that gave rise to a great many dream books that have accumulated in the "Global Library".Of course, the books in different interpretations may differ significantly from each other.What if the dream of a dead man?Home, friends, do not be afraid and do not be nervous!If you dreamed something terrible, then try to remember all the details and not based only on a single dream book.Look at least several!And we can help you with this.

What dream dead?Dreams Gustav Miller

Compiled most popular dream book in the world said that the deceased in our dreams - it is nothing like an omen.To give the correct interpretation of your vision, you nee

d to know and remember who it was you saw.Below are the main treatments Miller.

  1. deceased father, who come to you in a dream promises some unfavorable event.
  2. deceased Countess mother dreams for an early disease someone from your family.
  3. brothers, sisters and other relatives are warning of money embezzlement.
  4. If the dream you have seen, how this or that dead man risen from the dead, you know that soon you will be given a bad influence from friends and acquaintances.

What dream dead?Dream Interpretation Vanga

Baba Vanga left this world for more than ten years ago, but her predictions still enjoy enormous relevance.In this case, Vangelia gives the following interpretation.

  1. If you sleep and see how you come to a good friend, a relative, a friend who had died, try to listen to what he will say to you.Apparently, this man came because he wanted to warn you about these or other future changes.Do not worry, because it's not necessarily be bad news.
  2. Vangelia claims that a huge number of dead in your dreams is a bad sign.Not far off global catastrophe, a terrible epidemic that will affect you directly or indirectly.

What dream dead?Dreams Sigmund Freud

Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud, known around the world its extraordinary thinking and unusual forecasts, argues that any dreams with the dead - this is a very important element of our lives.They are never "phony."After all, the departed are to us, to tell this or that word.However, not all of it should be interpreted literally.What does it mean if the dream of a dead man in the understanding of Freud's grandfather?

  1. If you see a dead person that you were once a sign, then rejoice.Dream promises you a long and happy life.The late
  2. children of male dreams - to impotence or problems with conception in women - a childless life.
  3. deceased relatives symbolize our visions of some kind of addiction, from which we can not get rid of.Such dreams can see sexy (toilet) slaves.