To be entitled to compensation for kindergarten and what is its essence

no secret that the best preparation for the child to school - a visit to a kindergarten or how well preschool educational institution (DOW), staffed by professionals who know their work with teacher education.Deplorable situation in terms of the child in the preschool unit, existing in our country today, shows that not all parents can expect to receive their child of pre-school education due to insufficient number of places in kindergartens operating federal and municipal subordination.In this situation, a little help is a private preschool.However, not all parents can afford to pay for such institutions, so there is compensation for kindergarten from the state.

legislative bodies of the Russian Federation to improve the situation has been amended in this respect to the federal law "On education".Now the parents of children attending private pre-school will be eligible for compensation for kindergarten.In addition, the project is planned to build new facilities for placement of facilities for preschool age children, as well as the return of the state children's educational institutions of the premises, which previously belonged to them, and now are not used for its intended purpose.

now and families belonging to the middle social strata of the population can afford to give their children a good pre-school education in a private preschool.Parents can be assured that compensation for private kindergarten will be guaranteed by the state.This type of assistance will be of great support especially to those parents whose children are defined in non-specialized gardens and need special care and attention.

It should be noted that the compensation payment for kindergarten only applies to private preschool, which give children the educational program of preparation for school.Payment institutions specializing in thematic education (for example, only music, sports, painting, etc.), will not be compensated, because it is not classified as a mandatory educational program.Learn about what kindergarten you arrange your child, and shall I pay him compensation from the state can be issued from this preschool license and a certificate of state accreditation, copies of which are required to be posted on bulletin boards.

Amended Law "On education" provides that compensation for private kindergarten spectrum is equal to compensation when visiting public gardens, and of 20%, 50% and 70% respectively in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd andsubsequent children.The calculation of reimbursable amount will be made by local authorities, on the basis of the average of the regional board.

Innovations in the law will not only increase the number of places in kindergartens and render assistance to parents, but also provide good conditions for the development of private small and medium-sized businesses, aimed at expanding niche of educational institutions and the creation of additional jobs.But the main reason for amending the law "On education" is to reduce queues in kindergartens.In addition, it will give parents the opportunity to choose the institution that will meet their needs.

Compensation for kindergarten will be paid only if the correct registration statement with the mandatory provision of the applicant's passport, receipts of payment made for visiting kindergartens, child's birth certificate and data for transfer payments (bank details, the number of savings or current account, etc.).