Why is it important to comply with such factors as work culture

culture of intellectual work in the narrow sense refers to the proper organization of mental activity, mandatory compliance with safety regulations and planning periods of work / leisure so that the result was received on time without overextending the body.Of great importance is the prevailing and a person related to the work done within them.The level of development of such concepts as work culture may be very different for different people.After all, sometimes of his colleagues noticed that one always manages to get the job done quickly, efficiently and on time, while the other, despite all efforts, not constantly manages and carries out his work carelessly.These results are a clear indication that the culture of mental labor that person is poor.

work culture - a factor that must be observed under heavy braking.For example - during exams, preparation of an important project.In those moments when a man falls down a lot of work right of stressful.According to the scientists, although mental load and does not look hard, actually it requires much more effort and energy expenditure body.Even more than physical labor.And it not only affects the brain cells, which account for the greatest burden, but also all the vital systems.So the heart simultaneous interpreter during text can make 160 beats per minute.This is almost two and a half times more than in a state of relative calm.

Consequences surge

neurons of the human brain, to ensure his mental activity, may not run smoothly.Especially if you do not give them a rest.This occurs when a person fails to comply with such an important discipline as the work culture.Long concentrating on one and the same kind of activity, it causes brain cells consume enormous amounts of energy and protein.But the reserve capacity of the organism, which must engage in the process, are not limitless.Then the person is triggered to protect the internal mechanism.The action is automatically applied to the cells, as if they are cut off to avoid overexertion.

But people have come up with ways to resume the work of the brain with the help of artificial means of externally coffee, sweet strong tea, energy, and sometimes even drugs.Unfortunately, such an intervention in the natural-oiled mechanism does not bode well.Sooner or later the neurons no longer cope: metabolism is disturbed, and then the cells die.At first, the effects did not manifest itself.The fact that the cells of the human brain are able to simultaneously perform different functions, including as a substitute for other dead cells and perform their tasks.So workaholics continue to plunge headlong into work.The trouble becomes apparent when a person begins to get tired, admits shortcomings in the seemingly familiar actions can not solve even simple tasks.To avoid this, it is necessary to observe moderation and properly distribute effort throughout the day.

How to organize their working time

seems difficult to carry out a huge amount of work and did not get tired at the same time.But some people is still possible.There is no secret.Successful, productive work - an indication that the person is strictly observed work culture.For a start it is important to engage in introspection and to identify their biorhythms.When the body is more than just set up to work in the morning or in the evening?For some suitable midday, while others are most active early in the morning, in rare cases, the capacity of man wakes up in the evening.It is best to allocate its efforts so that most of it falls on fruitful time.

also not recommended to try to solve some important things at once.To effectively choose the one most relevant, and focus on its decision.Otherwise, a person facing exhaustion.This is due to some peculiarities of our nervous system.In addressing a number of important issues at the same time the brain has to create competing systems of neurons.This in turn leads to fatigue of the central nervous system and contributes to a sense of uncertainty and anxiety.Success in solving the problem of the man in this case is not threatened.But unfinished business is known to lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Another essential condition, which suggests under a work culture is compulsory alternation of work and leisure.You can not sit a few hours on a case without a break.It does not help to solve a difficult problem, but on the contrary, makes get stuck on it.Periodically distracted by something else entirely.It is not recommended to a complete standstill.Our brain is resting, even if just to switch his work on another type of activity.Then start working the other departments.Even better would be to do sports, do gymnastics or even a couple of simple physical exercises.Alternatively, you can walk down the street with a dog, go to the store or to the kitchen to wash the dishes.Mental activity usually involves finding long in one position, and it is bad for muscle tone.Abdomen and back are too relaxed, legs bent, his neck strained, in fact - in a static position is deteriorating and slowing blood flow.In view of this, the daily physical activity are important for good health, and hence the productivity of labor.

also those whose work is intellectual work, do not overeat.In your diet especially should pay attention to those people who prefer active recreation evening with a book or a computer.With a weak physical activity is too small power consumption of muscles needed to make up for it with plenty of food.Excess calorie foods in the diet leads directly to an increase in weight, easier to say - to obesity.It, in turn, can cause many health problems, such as liver diseases, heart and joints.Excess weight can cause the development of diabetes.It is best to replace fat and junk food more useful fruits and vegetables.They contain a lot of vitamins, stimulates the brain, and is low in calories.Therefore it is difficult to abuse such food, even if you have it in large quantities.