What movie to see to cry?

What women like?Of course, films about love!What movie to see to cry?It is no coincidence at all times and in all countries so popular cinematic genre of melodrama.Moreover, starting with silent movies.Remember the movie with our Russian star Vera Cold.Interesting fact that the film may not necessarily be positioned as melodrama.

The creators of epic "Gone With the Wind" and in thought, perhaps, was not that a historical epic about the war between North and South in the United States, the audience will be reviewed more than once is not so much due to the fact that the picture is very realistically depicts the events of thosecrucial for the United States years.

No, rather, to the forefront of the viewer's perception of it went melodramatic storyline - the story of life and love Scarlett O'Hara, and this role has made the star actress Vivien Leigh.

of boys may sneer at the desire of the female half watching melodrama to cry, but tears tears discord.And when the Soviet audience shed tears over those of domestic films as "White Bim Black Ear," in their ranks with wet eyes were men, because the true feelings of compassion, empathy and do not affect a strong man.No wonder the movie, where you can cry, often resort to just such a course with a plot - the unfortunate ownerless animal.Said plot has just been used in the Soviet film on the novel by Gabriel Troepol'skaya where wonderful dog-setter and his host by Vyacheslav Tikhonov heartily sorry for all moviegoers Soviet Union.

Interestingly, almost the story as the basis for the Hollywood film "Hachiko, a faithful dog."When choosing which movie to see, to cry, to stay on this touching story, where the owner suddenly died, but not forgotten dog, he played Richard Gere.A empathized dog, who went to meet the owner every day at the station, all the spectators, without exception.

Quite often squeeze out a tear from moviegoers and modern grand action.

Remembering "Titanic," someone will say, that went to the cinema to watch the grand shooting, reducing most famous crash of the early twentieth century, someone thought, what movie to see, to cry because lachrymatory drama Two LoversHearts became the central core of the plot of the film.

There are movies, much less "promoted" than "Titanic", but no less sentimental.Very nice picture of Christmas, "Love Actually," in which not only contains many storylines, but also stars such as Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson - the list is long.In the episode flashed and model Claudia Schiffer.

Interestingly, this film is really good as a family melodrama on the night before Christmas, when the family is not easy to decide which movie to see, to cry, and just going along.

And this film helps to feel that love rules the world.