Dream Interpretation: what dreams lilies

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As you know, night dreams, we can prividetsya various images and objects.Sometimes it is something enjoyable, but sometimes we dream of a truly frightening, or, on the contrary, the finer things.Today we will focus on the latest version.For example, offer to find out what dreams lilies.Promises whether this vision is something good or pleasant, or, on the contrary, should be prepared for some unpleasant events?Respond to these questions will help us to some of the most well-known and reliable interpretations of collections available today.

Why dream of lilies of the valley: Dream Miller

For a start, we offer to learn how to interpret this vision known American esoteric.Thus, according to Gustav Miller, these flowers, as well as all other successful acquisition and promise all kinds of fun when you see them in the garden.But this applies only to those cases where the lilies of the valley are beautiful and bright.Withered and dried flowers serve as precursors to a variety of troubles.If you dream of lilies growing on barren soil, in real life, you can expect a sad event.But this vision has another interpretation.According to him, thanks to his energy and determination you can overcome all the obstacles in your way and achieve the desired.

Dreams AZ

Why dream of lilies of the valley, according to the interpretation of this source?If the ladies night dreamed that she collects in a clearing or some other place of the first spring flowers, then it may seem that she was pregnant.However, the visit to the doctor to convince her otherwise.A dream in which you inhale the aroma of lilies of the valley, promises familiarity with the opposite sex, which will stay in your strong passion and force to forget about everything else.

Why dream of lilies of the valley: the dream book White magician

This collection of interpretations says that lilies dreamed up in the night dreams, are the harbinger of sad events in real life that will make you feel lonely.But do not give up, because it happens in everyone's life.Loneliness may even benefit us.Try to start to enjoy the time you spend alone with yourself.Blooming lilies of the valley in a dream promise in reality receive the gift, which you've always wanted, but were not able to afford to buy their own this thing.Feel the fragrance of these flowers - enjoy your visit to the man.However, in the course of conversation with him, you will learn about something that you are unlikely to please.What does the dream in which you gave someone a bouquet of lilies of the valley?This vision predicts that in the near future you are seriously addicted person that previously did not consider attractive.Moreover, you may always think of him with contempt and did not consider it worthy of your attention.

East sonnik

If you dream that you inhale the wonderful aroma of lilies of the valley, in real life, you will certainly like to give up and be one with nature and enjoy its beauty.It is possible that you are now on the verge of falling in love, and soon this feeling revealed in its full glory.If you dreamed that you collect lilies of the valley, you will expect the joy of family.

Big sonnik

What dream bouquet of lilies of the valley?This vision, according to the authors of this collection says that your loved one under any circumstances will not tolerate infidelity on your part.Therefore, you should, they say, to control myself to not ever lose your soul mate.If you dream you collect lilies of the valley, soon either your or your friends in the family will be born child.Pregnant as the fair sex such vision promises the birth of a healthy and strong baby.Flowers in a vase in your home indicate that instead of fleeting joy comes sorrow.Feel aroma of lily of the valley - a receivable from friends pleasant news.

Dream Book of the XXI century

authors of this collection view of the valley, as a symbol of good feelings and purity of thought.So, if you dreamed of the flowers, your beloved entirely faithful to you.Dried lily also says that you are too demanding in relation to others.Because of this, you often are in a state of irritated.