Dispersal of the Constituent Assembly

Constituent Assembly - the political authority in Russia, established in 1917.The first and last time it was convened in 1918 to adopt a constitution.The result of his activity was the conclusion of a peace treaty, the nationalization of land, recognition of Russian democratic republic, the elimination of the monarchy.However, it does not recognize the Soviet regime and the majority of its decrees.

In January 1918, the Bolsheviks had made the dispersal of the Constituent Assembly.

For members of the majority party at the time of the creation of a political body were caused by the necessity of getting rid of the old Russian system.In the Constituent Assembly were pinned hopes associated with the creation of a democratic state.

Moreover, most progressive parties sought to force the structure to solve the question of Russia's participation in the war.

However, the fall of the monarchy, which took place very quickly, in the country formed a serious crisis of sovereignty.The result was a sharp confrontation between the Provisional Government and the executive as represented by the workers.All this led to complete chaos in the economy and politics.Elections to the Constituent Assembly were postponed, which further exacerbates the situation.

According to witnesses the unfolding events in Russia at that time was a struggle for power, "on the contrary", ieEach political group has sought to "shove" the burden of decision-making on other people's shoulders.

But it was only the Bolsheviks to take over the executive as they have risen against almost all other parties.

Such was the political situation, which has caused as a result of the dispersal of the Constituent Assembly.

Lenin was against the creation of this structure as a republic of Soviets believed a more perfect form of government.All the more for his creation of fighting forces that were going to oppose it to the Soviet government.

fate of the Constituent Assembly, as well as the way of development of the country depended on which parties win the elections.The Bolsheviks began to consider the possibility to advance to implement the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly in the event that it will promote in the anti-Soviet life decisions.

Following the elections, the Bolsheviks conceded many parties.From November 1917 to January 1918 it has been many attempts to postpone the convening of the meeting in time to accept the decrees of their terror, when the deputies will take decisions against the Soviets.At that time, other parties competed for the work of the Constituent Assembly was held.

Finally, it began work on 5 (18 - new style) in January 1918.Almost immediately, Bolsheviks and Left SRs left the meeting, and soon declared a counter-revolutionary activities of the meeting.Thus, there was a dissolution of the Constituent Assembly.

In order to prevent re-convening, during 1918, the Bolsheviks had been arrested the most active members of the opposition parties.

Another event that caused a wide resonance, was the murder of two leaders of the Constitutional Democratic Party - and Shingareva Kokoshkin.It happened on the night of the sixth to the seventh of January.

Dispersal of the Constituent Assembly has become yet another pretext for unleashing a civil war.Perhaps that is why right-wing forces did not have this resistance to the Bolsheviks, when he was promoted dissolution.In other words, the anti-Bolshevik Party had hoped to destroy Soviet power by force.

majority of the members of the Constituent Assembly were arrested and shot by the Bolsheviks during 1918.In addition, the Bolsheviks very quickly took other measures to strengthen its position.It was called All-Russian Congress of workers and peasants, who proclaimed the establishment of the Russian Soviet Republic, was approved by the principle of equalization of land use, as well as the Declaration of workers' rights.