Chemical thermodynamics: allowed or not allowed

What is burning?This is the most common oxidation, the compound of fuel with oxygen.But in contact with oxygen are almost all substances, and the reaction does not start (thank God).So just a little reagents necessary to consider other circumstances.It is engaged in chemical thermodynamics.

This science is very simple, and at the same time it is one of the most versatile, it can be applied to countless phenomena and processes that occur ... or do not occur.There could solve the inexorable laws of this science.Basic concepts of chemical thermodynamics is very simple.And they do not seem to refute the possibility, according to Einstein.This extraordinarily gifted scientists believe that it is the most reliable of the theories of the universe.

As we know from experience, many of the chemical processes can not go spontaneously.First, researchers have noticed that many of the reaction that starts by themselves, with heat release occur.However, uniquely binding exothermic reaction and its spontaneity, as it turned out, it was impossible.Because there are reactions that begin at high temperatures and come with absorption of heat, and the reaction begins spontaneously, too.

How to understand what is happening?Is nature tends to decrease energy?All the more complex chemical thermodynamics says that in fact our environment does not love the energy minimum and maximum mess!Well, some people in the solidarity with nature.

it possible to rigorously describe the mess?It turns out that it is possible, it uses the concept of "entropy".Its chemists and physicists poetically called "the arrow of time."Why is that?Since the processes with an increase in entropy spontaneously go in only one direction.And it gives them the irreversibility.These are the foundations of chemical thermodynamics.It can be seen from the contrast and mechanical processes.For example, the movement of balls in billiards you can scroll back in the video - and it will look plausible.But if you'll see how goes the rust from the nail or restored sparkler, you immediately realize that this is not true, it does not happen.Of course, this example is not intended to be absolute, but an increase in entropy really becomes a kind of "boom time".

Chemical thermodynamics has not developed the device, which would define the level of entropy, it is to some extent speculative concept.But it is possible to calculate, it would require to know the change of heat during the reaction and the temperature at which the change occurs.Why the temperature is taken into account?The fact that the velocity of the particles is very closely related to the temperature and the higher the speed, the more chaos, read, entropy.

most chaotic form of matter - gas.Therefore, a reaction in which the amount of gas increases, with the increase in entropy occurs.For example, the disintegration of the calcium carbonate.But to receive water from oxygen and hydrogen is very difficult, because the entropy decreases.

If calculated by the formula Gibbs energy, it can be assumed, will the given reaction at a given temperature.However, just know it does not, perhaps, so that she still started will require a catalyst or a particular temperature.The calculations are not useless, they point to the "permission" of a reaction.But if the chemical thermodynamics suggests that the reaction of "disabled", then there is no point in even looking for a catalyst to suffer - still nothing happens.

Described science is closely related to the overall thermodynamics, which is a branch of physics, and explains many processes of various kinds in the world around us.Curious people discover the causes of many phenomena that for other forever remain a mystery.They say, thermodynamics, even proves the existence of God ...