What to feed day-old chicks

Before everyone starts fancier natural question arises, what to feed day-old chicks, than they drink, what to do in case a chick refuses to eat.

better mothers no one can take care

Ideally, of course, taking care of all the birds to lay babies on klushku.And the chicken may not be their home mom, but have to be rassidevsheysya Kvochka - hen that sat hatching eggs.Already in the middle of the night cycle can be carefully replace the eggs from the chickens on her young.But it should be done carefully to klushka not see how you place them under her chicks.But even in this case, it does not hurt to know what to feed day-old chicks.Basically, the first course for them is chopped boiled yolk cool.On the second day, you can have an egg crumble completely, together with the protein.

first day - the most important in the life of the chicks

Keep in mind that the sooner the chick starts to eat, the healthier it will be.Do not leave the chicks hungry for more than 8 hours.Therefore, if they appear in the home incubator, they should be placed immediately in the chamber, the floor of which is covered with a layer of feed.Then even quite feeble chickens, not yet having the strength to climb the legs, are able to peck grains cereal mixture on the spot.As soon as the kids are starting to wake up, you need to offer them food and wheat protein.Talking about what day-old chicks to feed, it should be noted that clean and fresh water for normal digestion is extremely important.Feed the chicks should be 8 times during the day, including the night hours.

What if the chicken does not eat?

chicks sometimes do not understand what they want from the man in front of him scattering crumbs and barley.Instinct does not always help the kid.In nature, mother-Kvočka shows how to peck food.And once a person has decided to replace the chicken mother, then the problem of education, he has to take.Tip knife fancier quietly tapping on the floor, simulating the process of pecking, litter picks with a knife, raises it to the floor and then drops - so show your chicken baby, that this food can and should eat.If all else fails, and some chicken blankly looking at all the efforts of a man sitting helplessly in a corner, should urgently help him.What to feed day-old chicks that can not bite yourself?Rastёrtym milk boiled yolk.Doing this is best accomplished by pipetting.But we should be very cautious, trying not to get the mixture into the nasal openings.After the chick gets a little food in the stomach, it must be water.If you can not make it out of the drinker, you can try to drink his mouth just as it is done by pigeon.

What to feed chicks during the first days of life?

On the second day caring hostess offer their students chopped herbs nettle, clover, green onions, alfalfa.Fresh sour cottage cheese and yogurt also bring feathered kids a huge favor.Gradually, you can expand the list of foods in the diet.If chickens are diurnal eat mostly protein foods or crushed seed, starting from the second day, we can offer them the grated vegetables: carrots, squash, beets.Sometimes it is recommended to add foods baker's yeast.They rolled into small balls and scatter with the dealer.Be sure to watch out for, so that the chickens were stuffed for the night with zobikom that is easily detectable, and sometimes even observed visually.