How warm floors in a wooden house: Tips and Tricks

For someone who has not spent all his life in construction, the question of how to insulate the floor in a wooden house may be the most difficult.However, everything is much easier than it might seem at first glance.Let's sort through all the options of heaters that are used for this purpose, and will choose the best for each particular case.

Why insulate the floor

All we are trying to save money on what can only - it is not a sign of greed and the right to build its own budget.And if you know how to properly insulate floors, you can reduce heating costs somewhere about twenty per cent.This is because the temperature of the floor is always three degrees higher than in the room itself.This means that you will be more comfortable, even with minimal use of your heating system.

Where to start

First you need to decide what type of foundation you will make in your new home.But even if you have purchased a ready-made housing, and the floors it cold, you can determine the type of foundation.And if the foundation tape or a house is on stilts, warming - a very necessary measure.Indeed, in the grounds of the house there is still a void that can not provide a reliable insulation.But warm floors in a wooden house properly if it is built for a long time?It is necessary to choose the right insulation.It is best to give preference to well-known companies that have proven themselves in the construction market.Because, saving on the heater, you can get the high humidity in the house, and even fungus.

Types of materials

All heaters can be divided into the following types: mineral (concrete block), plastic (polystyrene and its derivatives), silicate (glass) and chipboard (ordinary or ecowool sawdust).You can choose exactly the stuff that you need.But we should remember an important rule - each of them has its own techniques and rules of placement and use.


insulate the floor in a wooden house can be independently, most importantly - know how.The most common type of insulation can be called a system of dual gender.This division into so-called finishing and subfloor.The first layer is used rough planed boards, which are attached to the beam.We must remember that all the wooden elements should be treated with antiseptic and anti-fungal solution.They are spreading fine-meshed metal grid.It will help to protect the house from rodents.Then you need to put a layer vapor barrier film, which will prevent the output of warm air and cold flow.And already it fit mineral wool.The thickness of the insulation must be such as to remain between the layers of the floor space of about 5 centimeters.This will help prevent moisture collection and ensure reliable ventilation.On top of mineral wool is laid another layer of vapor barrier, after which you can begin to have the finish floor.Now we know how to insulate the floor of the wooden house with the help of mineral wool.With sawdust and ecowool principle of action remains the same.But what about the rest?

How warm floors in the wooden house with the help of expanded clay

Expanded clay - the material is relatively cheap, but it does not mean that it is of poor quality.The properties of the insulation even surpasses some of the materials - sawdust and chipboard.He laid on the waterproofing layer, in a role which can act and regular film.Then you need to mix different size granules of expanded clay and cover it on the prepared surface.The height of the layer must be at least 15 cm. This is necessary for maximum heat insulation.After the material was filled and leveled, it is possible to lay the floor finish.That's all tricks.Now you know how to insulate the floor in a wooden house.As you can see, all the steps are simple, and so it is quite possible to cope on their own.Successful construction or repair!