Organised crime: definition, causes, conditions

anarchy theorists believe that any system is violence against the person.However, the lack of proper control by the "white system" - the state control over the life of society take on "Black System" - organized crime.Human nature is peculiar desire for orderliness, so in any case, the system formed on both sides, sometimes forming "gray system", that is, for example, criminals bribed the police.

What is organized crime?This is a local, existing within a State, or even a multinational organization comprised of criminals and aiming at the illegal activity in most cases to extract huge profits.They are characterized by high centralization and iron discipline of the time there are associations of petty criminals.Typically, the scale of activities they are extremely large and high profitability.Some researchers also refer to the notion of "organized crime" terrorist groups.But such people are somewhat different motives - political.

in different states may vary the percentage of the population and the number of the rotating field in the shadow of money.For the US, the biggest danger is posed by Mexican drug dealers.

What are the causes and conditions of organized crime?The reasons are diverse, primarily they are associated with low economic level in the country.To put it simply, people will come in organized crime out of desperation and inability to honestly earn a high standard of living.Of great importance is the level of education, but the organizers of the illegal business are educated.It also has public understanding of the value of a clear boundary between "good and bad" for the State.The attitude toward prostitution in the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates are quite different.And doubts about the correctness of individual consensus leads them into the ranks of criminal organizations.What are the conditions?Organized crime is more likely to occur where there is undeveloped laws vagueness of language, as well as in areas where formal structures (police) are corrupt and go for a deal with organized crime.

Why rampant transnational organized crime?The fact that legislation in some countries allows the issue of crime way money earned in other countries it is called "laundering" money.Thus, the international organization makes money "legal" in another state, and then puts them in a more "rigorous" country, after which they can safely use and not to attract attention.Organized crime (for example, trade in prostitutes) also uses the income inequality in different countries.For questionable work easier to recruit a girl who at home there is no work, no prospects.Therefore, it is easy to find people, even when clearly shows that the future work more like slavery.

Foreigners who want to marry a Russian, recently began to avoid like the plague women from the town of Lugansk, and from Yoshkar-Ola.The fact that there existed an entire organization.In most cases, men "worked" is not even a girl.There was a whole system of obtaining money from men who beg on plausible goal - the type of operation for the grandmother.And the "bride" promised to come at the expense of the groom.Of course, there were problems, and if deceived did not agree to solve them - bride disappeared.And if you agree - from the naive man in the pocket of swindlers passed even large sums of money.The scale was very large, so the story talked a lot, especially abroad.