Backup (Android).

never know what might happen with your smartphone.Thus in addition to the phone and suffer all the information found therein.Backup Android does not return the phone.But it will save important data lost for any reason.

Why backup Android?

Do not neglect backing up data from a mobile device, as it can help to restore the information if something were to happen to your smartphone.And the following can occur regardless of the version of "Android":

  • phone can be lost, along with important information;
  • he may fail;service center information will remain unlikely, therefore, most likely, it will have to say goodbye;
  • virus may block the mobile device or delete an important system file;correct the position of a factory reset, but then the phone will be absolutely clean;
  • when flashing smartphone deletes the old operating system and set new;Of course, the old system disappeared, along with all the data;
  • when purchasing a new device, it is important to keep all information from the old, what can help back up Android.

the possibility of losing all the information from the phone abound, so it will be very useful from time to time to create backups.The more that make it easy.

computer to help

most common method of data storage Android - Windows, or rather, the creation of recovery points on the computer.All you need is to download additional utility and prepare a little phone.Go to "Settings \ Options for developers."Tick ​​the item "debugging USB".

If a version of "Android" firmware 4.2 and above, go to the "System Works \ About phone" and press 7-10 times the number of assembly.Then we return to the "Options for developers" and set debugging.Next, download and install the software, then connect the gadget to your computer.


During the installation of this utility antivirus program can raise the alarm, so protection is temporarily disabled.This does not harm your computer, just like antivirus detects Mobogenie spyware.Also set Mobogenie on the Android Play Market.We connect the gadget to your PC and run it Mobogenie.Click "Options" and choose "Connect to PC"

Now run the utility on the computer.In the top menu, go to the "Phone", where the list is the "Backup".Select the path where data will be stored Android - Windows.

If you want to return everything as it was, in the same section, click "Restore" and then return information on the smartphone.


utility has a simple and intuitive interface, which is easy to understand.As well as an impressive functionality.In addition to the "Create a backup of Android", you can independently work with contacts, scheduler, messages, files and other content.

Download and install.We connect the gadget to your PC by USB (USB debugging is enabled).Run the program.Click on the top bar "File \ Connect \ phone with OS Android".The method we choose "USB-cable".When connect, click on the section "Miscellaneous \ Backup".

Then choose the path where data will be stored.After that, a window opens in which you want to mark files and applications.Select dates, or simply put a tick in the title section.Click "Create."Data Backup Android satisfied.

Restore files is as simple as save.To do this, see "Miscellaneous", select "Restore from the backup."

on the memory card

Backup Android can be done without using a computer, save important data to a USB flash drive.To do this, you must resort to using special applications that are in the Play Market.But other than that, you will get a root-rights.This can be done either through a computer or by means of special applications.The easiest way to turn for help to the Chinese utility VRoot.

Do not be afraid, that everything in China, all the right buttons for rutirovaniya in English, in addition, the program is very intuitive.If nothing happened, do not despair, because a lot of these tools, such as Unlock Root or Framaroot.Get the right super administrator, you can begin to create a backup.

ROM Manager

very common software, which can make data backup Android.Install this application on your mobile device, run it.In the "Backup and recovery" click on "Save Current ROM".The program will save the data on the flash drive to the specified folder.

restore information is not a problem.Click "Backup" and select the recovery point.

Titanium Backup PRO

install applications run.Go to "Backup."Here you can see the already created recovery point Android, review applications and operating system components.Push the button with the image of the sheet top right with a tick.In the list, select that you want to save: a custom software system data, or both.Since we want to save everything, click the "Make a backup copy of all system software and user data."And find out where all the information is stored, it is possible in the application settings.

To make a recovery, you need to go down below in the section "Restore" button and select the item of interest.

Specialized tools for smartphones

These include those that are only available for phones of one brand or even a series.For example, Samsung Kies, Sony PC Companion and others.They not only contains drivers for your device, but also have the opportunity to backup data transfer from the gadget to your PC and restore the device.

Samsung Kies to do the following:

  • Start utility and connect the gadget to your PC.
  • When the model is defined, go to the "Backup \ Restore".
  • note the required items (or simply click "Check All") and click "Backup".

Data Recovery is exactly the same.

for Sony PC Companion:

  • Run the utility to connect to.
  • Click Start, click Xperia Transfer.
  • marks the point of "Backup Xperia on my computer" and click on "Start".

Each manufacturer has its own similar program, so the algorithm of operation may vary.

save contacts

Backup Android contacts can be made in any manner set forth above.But if you want to save only the phone book, use a simple operation.

We go to the phonebook, click "Options" (often with the right button, and 4 horizontal stripes).Click "Export" or "backup".Select the "Memory Card".The path, which will be saved contacts, indicated at saving.Most likely, this will be the System folder on the memory card.

Further to these contacts, you can do anything:

  • reset your computer and upload to the cloud;
  • sent to another phone via e-mail;
  • pass over Bluetooth;
  • load into account, "Google" in the section "Contacts".

addition, contacts can be stored on SIM-card.The algorithm is the same save, export only be made on the sim card.Import them can only be inserting the SIM cards to the other device.Unlike micro-SD, the SIM has a total of 200 locations for telephone numbers.

Cloud Google

To do this, you must have an account in the "Google".Rather, it is, because without it, it is impossible to go to the Play Market.If not, you need to go to and sign up.

Go to the "Settings \ Accounts & sync," where you want to synchronize account "Google" on Android.We put a tick on everything you need to synchronize.We go back to the previous step and go to "Backup and recovery."We note the item "Backup" and "Auto Recovery".Click "Reserve Account", "Add."

Contrary to expectations, this method is able to save passwords only Wi-Fi, the data from the applications and system settings to the cloud Google.

Why save information from the SD-card

Save must not only files Android.In addition to internal information from the phone will be useful from time to time to keep the contents of the memory card.It becomes easier: you have to connect it to your computer and simply reset.You can use several methods:

  • Connect your phone to the inserted SD-card to your computer via USB.
  • Pull the stick out of the gadget connected to a PC via a card reader.Especially it would be easy to do on a laptop, because it provides the connector.It is important to stop the card in the gadget as improper removal may damage the memory card (this does not happen often, but there have been cases).Go to Android: "Setting Memory \\ \\ Disable SD-card."
  • On Wi-Fi.This will require the application FTP Server, which will transform the device in FTP-server.Run the application, click on the red button in the middle of the screen.It will be green, and will appear just below the IP-address you want to enter in the address bar in the "My Computer".

Why save files from a memory card?Because of losing them too easily.Losing your phone, the virus is not removed properly - no one is immune from this.In addition, Android features setting under the "Disable SD-card" has one more - "Clear SD-card" that can be pressed by mistake and lose all the music, photos, videos and so on.


have a backup of your device data is very important.Because no one knows what might happen to the gadget tomorrow.A imyaya backup, you can save at least data, which are sometimes more important than the mobile device.