Does the kingdom of the dwarves?

While scientists argue about whether there was in the past a race of dwarfs or not, ask another, more interesting question: Do the dwarves live in the world today?

This child seems to be the question many adults respond uniquely uncle: live, or at least live recently, and as proof cited numerous instances of meetings with representatives of the people of this little "fairy" people.

One of such meetings was held back in 1698 in the Urals.Ancient manuscript, now kept in the Bryansk regional library, suggests that the creature was an increase of not more than 20 centimeters.It stood at the entrance to the cave and kept in the hands of a beautiful crystal.At a meeting with the man dwarf almost immediately he went to the ground, and the stone remained.Determine its kind and could not.

We Lapps living on the Kola Peninsula, and their neighbors Sami portrayed the legend of dwarfs who settled once underground.Lapps call them "sayvok."Spreading your light housing at a convenient location, they sometimes could hear from the ground and then they heard indistinct voices and the clanking of iron.It serves as a signal: immediately transferred to a new place yurt - it covers the entrance to the subterranean dwelling sayvok.With the underground residents boyavshimisya daylight Lapps feared quarrel.

Legends of small underground inhabitants, able to process iron and possessing supernatural powers, preserved all the peoples of the north of Russia.So, Komi living on the Pechora lowland, claim that the gnomes taught the people to forge iron.Witchcraft has its terrible force.In their order of pale sun and the moon.

Nenets living on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, they say that "a long time ago, when our people were not here, lived here," Siirt "- people of small stature.When a lot of people died, they went through the ground. "

In Russian explorers who settled in the Urals also have legends and tales about the people living in the mountains of medium height, beautiful, with an extremely pleasant voice.As sayvok on the Kola Peninsula, they do not like to come into the daylight, but some people hear coming out of the ground ringing.And the sound of this is not accidental."Chud white-eyed" - the name of the figure dwarfs the Ural tales - was engaged in underground mining of gold, silver, copper.When Russian came to the Urals, on the advice of prophetic knowing the future shamans white-eyed Chud, who lived on the western slopes of the Urals had broken long tunnels and disappeared into the bowels of the mountain, with all its treasures.

in the XVI century European geographers were convinced of the existence of the Arctic Ocean mainland Arctida populated dwarfs, which created a strange, not like ours, civilization.They had pronounced psychic, as they say now, abilities.

Then came one of the many earthly disasters, resulting in the Arctic mainland is almost completely gone under water.Surviving residents Arctida left freezing and quickly covered with ice islands and settled in the north of Europe and Asia.

restore their civilization, they were not able to fight with the locals do not like and gradually left the Earth's surface to the underground catacombs and caves in the familiar surroundings.After all, at home, they carried them for months.To protect against greedy precious metals, especially for gold, people are put at the entrances to their underground shelters psychological barriers.These barriers to this day inspire people to a supernatural horror to drive them away from the sacred places for dwarfs.

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