When a dispute arises which can not be solved through traditional negotiations, there are several options to resolve the situation.This controversial issue is transferred to the court of general jurisdiction in the world or the arbitral tribunal for consideration.

In resolving the issue in civil proceedings, taking into account the strict requirements of the Arbitration and the Code of Civil Procedure, all participants are informed about the case, where, in what part of the court and when will be considered case.

order in accordance with which the notice of the parties - participants of the process in sufficient detail regulated by the provisions of the law.However, those persons whose participation in the proceedings is not an everyday practice, you should be aware of the procedure for the hearing.

Subpoena (or definition) informs members about the time and place of the process.This notice is sent to all participants in the proceedings.As a rule, it indicates the address of the court, the judge's name, room number, and the status of the recipient (the plaintiff, defendant, witness).

subpoena, other than those specified information may include the requirement that the parties should submit additional evidence or certain documents relating to the case.For additional information, may make a declaration, founding documents, accounting reports and more.

Subpoena requires to appear at the meeting.Failure to appear at the trial may have different consequences.But as a rule, they are unfavorable.For example, implicit side deprived of the opportunity to defend their positions and defend the right to object to an opponent, refuting his arguments.

Once has received a subpoena, a litigant can perform different actions.If for some reason the party is unwilling or unable to come to a meeting, it sends a statement to hold a hearing without her presence.Lawyers recommend that in such statement to reflect once again its position on the matter (objection or acceptance of the claim).

If the court requested additional evidence should be presented, completing thus the requirement.This is mainly due to the fact that, in preparing for the hearing, trial, consider the merits of a determination of the circumstances that the parties should prove.Additional documents available to interested parties.

In some cases, the defendant or the plaintiff has difficulty in obtaining one or other documents that serve as evidence.In such cases, the interested party has the right to ask for judicial assistance.

summons sent by post and accompanied by a notice of inquiry that it was presented to, or by a person acting in accordance with the request of the judge.The spine, which is a mark of the receipt and signature of the recipient is sent back.Presenting the agenda addressed the organization carried out its authorized representative.It should be noted in this case that the leaders of non-profit and commercial enterprises in the course of their activities are often in contact with different authorities.And not only with the court, but also with law enforcement.Of course, cases may be different.The agenda of the militia (police) may be linked as, indeed, with the activities of the enterprise, and acts committed by other individuals or organizations.

In case of refusal to take notice of the destination carrier makes a corresponding mark.After that agenda is sent back to the court.