How to pray at home and in the Church

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Prayer - is not just a request and gratitude to God.It's a way to get a little closer to the light forces of the invisible world.Often in a conflict or an emergency prayer "to herself" very helpful, comforting, not only you but others, and miraculously changing situation.There are special prayers that allow you to protect against demons.They are useful in situations where you feel unmotivated fear or obsessive thoughts come.Every sincere prayer is effective.However, to know how to pray, yet necessary.

Typically, an Orthodox Christian from every day required morning and evening prayer, prayer before meals and after meals, and prayer in the church.Those of us who did not go to Sunday school, not taught how to pray.Typically, first to pray is not very hard, inquisitive person interested in every word of prayer, and he is interested in the very words uttered prayers.Then there comes a time when you have to force yourself to pray, words are not new, and thought it easy to disperse.However, if the habit of prayer is not to give up, after a while every word of Prayer will be for you if a note favorite song, you will catch yourself on what utter many prayers to himself, "intoned," This is especially the case if a person regularly goes onchurch services.Not a bad alternative to intrusive music, which is hard to dismiss.

first discuss how to pray at home.It is necessary to purchase a small book with morning and evening prayers.The novice can not read just a complete collection of prayers for the morning and evening - "usually morning and evening."There are several prayers that are read at the beginning of the rules, be sure to read them all, and then go numbered prayers that can be read in part, for example, at three in the afternoon, completing the prayer obligatory prayers (they are numbered after).If you prepare for the sacrament, you need to read all the prayers.On average, praying takes 20-25 minutes if you read them in full.How to read a prayer?Thinking about each word, saying prayers out loud or whisper.Speak it is necessary, even with his lips.This will better tune in prayer and quickly memorize the prayers.

What if the attention is scattered?Some priests are advised to set aside some time for prayer, for example, 15 minutes.If it is a normal day, and not a preparation for communion, when all you need to read, then you need to read carefully and follow along.Once digress - back to the place that I remember, and so reading until the allotted time is over.It brings focus, despite the fact that some of the first prayer you will not have time to read.

Execution Rules morning and evening, as well as observance of the weekly fast on Wednesday and Friday, it is very important.If you have very little time because of external circumstances, read the morning and evening once "Creed," three times "Our Father" three times "the Mother of God, virgin, rejoice."This can be done only if you really have little time and there is good reason for the lack of time.The fact that the rule has been reduced or is not executed, it is necessary to admit in the confessional.Before and after meals to pray, too, certainly, before a meal can be read "Our Father", and after the meal - a special prayer after meals.

how to pray in the church?Most importantly - without the need to not draw attention to themselves and not disturb others to pray.Kneel when becoming, put candles before or after the service, if you are not standing near the candlestick, do not go without the need for a large temple.Women are made to pray on the left side of the temple, men - on the right.But this rule is not always followed, especially in a church few men walking.In the queue for anointing and communion of men decided to skip forward.You can buy a book of liturgy, where the main prayer, it will focus on what is happening, and to better understand what is happening, praying "himself" with the choir.

Most of us are far from the "religious genius" - the saints, but also need our prayer to God.It may not be Church Slavonic words and sincere appeal to the heart.God will hear and help, especially in difficult situations.Just call him in prayer.