Terms of sale of certain goods

Everyone knows that for the sale of each product, there are certain rules that must be followed.This article will set out rules for the sale of certain goods in the shops.

To begin with we bring to your attention the general rules of the sale of goods, which relate to absolutely all categories.First, the seller is obliged to comply with all safety regulations, sanitary rules, veterinary and fire.Second, the trading venue should be equipped with all necessary equipment for proper storage and sale of goods.Third, if the buyer is required to provide him with a book review, the seller is obliged to do so.Fourth, the room should be the buyer's area, where, if necessary, he can read the license, registration or other document authorizing the trade.The fifth rule: the seller is obliged to hold the buyer to familiarize with an assortment of goods from the manufacturer, with a term of the sale of goods, the price of goods and, if necessary, to provide quality certificates.

We now present you the rules of the sale of certain products by categories:

- Groceries.The packaging of the goods offered for sale, must indicate the composition of the product, its caloric content, nutritional value, preparation conditions, the shelf life of contraindications.Bread and other bakery products in small trade areas must be sold only in packaged form.Seller before the realization of certain goods, must be familiar with the quality of its external features.These rules of the sale of certain of foodstuffs should be performed in addition to those that have been outlined above.

- Clothing and footwear.For a start, all products of this kind must pass pre-sale preparation.That is sorted by type of material, model, size.Goods for women, men and children should be in different sales rooms.Each product is a label that contains the information about price, size, composition, and other tissues.Buyer should be provided conditions for fitting.

- Perfumes and cosmetics.Label products, in addition to the previously listed the list should contain information on the purpose of the product, the effect that it has, contraindications, conditions of use and so on.Buyer provides probes goods.When purchasing products, the person who buys it, should be familiar with the contents of the packing box (paper).

- Weapons and ammunition.Each unit of goods, other than tear gas, must have its registered number, the stigma.Presale This kind of product contains in addition to unpacking and putting some in the window at the store, cleaning and lubrication, to avoid malfunction due to improper care.The label for this product, in addition to the above information, must also contain the specifications.Sale allowed only to persons who have the necessary documents for the acquisition of weapons and further maintenance.

- Terms of sale of alcoholic beverages.By the sale of goods should not be allowed that the label does not contain a warning that the use of alcoholic beverages to excess is harmful to health.Banned the sale of alcohol to people under the age of majority.Also prohibits the sale of alcoholic products in institutions, educational and medical buildings, public transport and local culture.For the sale of alcoholic beverages at the seller must be in possession of these types of documents, such as bill of lading for each type of product (commodity-transport), and a license to trade in alcohol.Alcoholic beverages should be arranged by type.

In this article you learned about the basics, but the rules of the sale of certain goods more detail you can always learn about using law protecting the rights of consumers.