How to sharpen skates for figure skating and hockey games?

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If you're skating or hockey, you have to know how to sharpen skates and what does it do.Not included in the list of those who rides a worn blade and completely abandoned the state of their skates.So, how to sharpen skates?

Who can sharpen skates?

you recently bought a brand new skates for skating.Keep in mind that the blades have a certain radius profile.Its characteristics depend on the specific model.How wrong are those who think that the contours of the blade factory are well suited for virtually everyone.In this regard, we can say the following: the factory makes a good circuit, but would not you want to bring good to the ideal?

How to sharpen skates?Do I need to sharpen their general, if they are about to have been bought?The answer is - necessarily.The sports store to buy skates for full training on the ice, but they are quite rough.And one more thing: in any case it is not necessary to listen to those who say that the leather skate blade of high quality.This is nothing more than a myth.

How often should you sharpen your skates?

How often sharpen skates?For example, if you want to workout four times a week, then it is necessary to carry out sharpening twice a week.My favorite question of beginners, "Why do I need to sharpen skates?".Below are four main reasons:

  • people rolling around on the ice,
    begins to feel more confident and have great fun as sliding performed much better;
  • athlete better control and balance the blade;
  • rapid rotation and instant acceleration: figure skating is necessary for beautiful jumps and spins in hockey - to catch the puck and not let the opponent score a goal;
  • blade sharpening provides the best glide.

Proper sharpening skates

first need to understand what types of sharpening exist.Their are two types: no chamfer and groove.

Professional athletes never sharpen the blades themselves, they entrust this business masters.They have special equipment, and they know their job.Once you get your horses back, pay attention to several factors.

Again back to the groove.Without it there can be no question, it creates two ribs.Its absence increases the likelihood of swinging the blade to the side while riding.In addition, the right impetus will be difficult.Later, the groove is aligned, but few can restore it correctly, we are talking of course about the amateurs.

blade quality does not need constant sharpening.It is determined by the quality hardness.If you have been on the ice during a push skate starts to slip and fall apart when cornering - a signal that they need to be sharpened.

These professionals all this into account, because they know that in too deep groove athlete will not be able to slide on a rib.It's bad when the groove is very small: failure on the turns are not avoided.The entire length of the blade depth of the ribs should be the same.However, there are some nuances.How to sharpen hockey skates?They should have a small chute with a radius of 5 to 8 mm.There is also a notable difference when sharpening socks for hitters and players.While sharpening figure skates?Sharpening curly characterized in that the radius of the groove ranges from 11 to 15 mm.

As you can see, the difference in sharpening skates for figure skating and hockey is still there.

most common mistakes that make the fans during sharpening skates

verify that such errors are, and they are often found.

  1. return the skates with the wrong radius of the groove.The circuit thus also wrong.Result: you will not be able to control horses while riding, resulting in personal injury.
  2. In some areas you can see the wrong blade eat steel.Beginners or amateurs at this stage sin the most.They too began to take off with a heel or toe.The result: poor stability, while sliding the blade may overheat.
  3. difference between the outer and the inner side of the blade.Result: a man while riding can lose balance and fall, and again still injured.

The first thing to do will advise experienced coaches and athletes - give skate sharpening real masters.No matter what your skates: plastic or leather, the important thing is how to sharpen skates.It depends on whether they would feel comfortable while riding.

As sharpening skates?Should I try to do it yourself?The person who does it, has a special machine and all the necessary equipment.But do not do it in person and trusting fans.Best of all, if you ask for help from a true professional.In addition, in the home make it very difficult and almost impossible.