Unusual marine creature - hammerhead shark

hammerhead shark ordinary belongs to the order carcharhiniformes, class villages.Now we know the eight differing sizes and shapes of species of hammerhead sharks.The biggest of them reaching almost 7 meters in length and weighs nearly a ton.

The researchers believe that their "hammer" the shark uses to improve maneuverability in vertical waters.It has a slender spindle-shaped body, very flexible and mobile.This fish is developing a high speed in the water and in the event of an attack is difficult to escape from it.

hammerhead shark photo, you see, is covered by a brownish or olive skin on the back and gray and white - on the belly.Like all of its cousins, the jaws of the fish "decorated" with sharp, serrated teeth.Her golden protected for centuries eyes are located on the sides of the nose.This allows fish to significantly increase peripheral vision.And the proximity of the eyes to the nose lends precision to target at the location of production.

has been repeatedly observed as a hammerhead shark catches on, it would seem perfectly smooth bottom and instantly pops up, holding in his mouth wriggling prey, hide in the sand and mud.It hunts mainly on squid, small fish and crabs, but loves stingrays.Therefore, probably, the majority of these marine animals try to stay close to the bottom.

This shark - fish, does not shrink from even their relatives.Her stomach was repeatedly found the remains of the bodies of other sharks.

so-called "hammer" - a shark's nose, which is located on the edge of the nostrils-grooves that help fish to catch the faintest odors.Scientists have proved that these creatures are able to perceive even minor changes in the chemical composition of water.They were especially attracted by the appearance of blood in it.Repeatedly it was seen as a near harpooned whale or inadvertently injure a diver shark appeared out of nowhere.Even if the water footprint pochuetsya frightened fish predators react to it, rushing to the scene.Obviously, such a sacrifice stands out waste products, and that picks up the shark.

summer fish-hammers migrate to cooler waters in the winter back closer to the equator.What causes them to gather in flocks, is still unknown.Between a shark "talking" body movements and sharp turns of the head.Most in a pack - female.Why - it is also a mystery.

hammerhead shark belongs to a class of viviparous.Her droppings can contain more than 20 pups.Pregnancy in females lasts 11 months, and then are born babies, up to 60 cm in length.Living these amazing shark 20 years.They belong to the most ancient fish on the planet.It is believed that the species has been in existence for almost 40 million years.

Lacking in the structure of their body air bubble, hammerhead shark is forced to move constantly.It helps her to always be on guard, so it is difficult to surprise.Predator itself dictates the rules and always wins in the struggle for life.Yet, unfortunately, it does not prevent it from being ranked as endangered species.

for human hammerhead shark is also a danger.The attacks on swimmers occur, usually during the breeding season, since this fish come to shallow waters close to shore.Like all of the female sharks at this time of particularly aggressive, so do not go into the water if you do not have a special beach fence.

Fish meat-hammer is not very much appreciated, as were cases of poisoning them.But the huge demand for fins.So often the shark catch and by cutting off the fins, thrown into the water to die.