How to dry in the winter pear and store them

Dried fruits - excellent harvesting the winter.Firstly, such drying, have no expiration date and can be safely consumed, and two years later, and after five, of course, provided they are stored properly.Secondly, this method is suitable for the majority of sweet fruit.Third, they do not contain additional sugars, but retain vitamins.And, fourthly, it's just a tasty delicacy.Particularly useful for this pear and apple.This is so as to dry the pears, we will understand.

selects the best

Before dried pears need to determine which fruits are suitable for this, and what is best left for something else.To prepare the dried fruit varieties should be chosen small amount of juice, so-called dry.Their flesh is usually firm, solid, and the camera with the seed takes up little space.It can not be used for such harvesting overripe, soft or pear tart, and it is not necessary to take the fruit, which were disrupted for more than two days ago.If pears are too hard or savory, you can boil them in a syrup.Selected fruits to wash and wipe.

Drying pears

How to dry pears: slices or whole?It depends on their size.Smaller copies quite suitable for drying in its original form, but it will require a longer time.In this case, remove their tails.If you prefer to pieces, remember that the optimum thickness of each slice - 1 cm. It is with this cutting future drying get the right balance of flavor and meatiness and will then be stored for a long time.

oven or sun

How to dry pear better in the oven or on the summer sun?This is largely dependent on the weather.For residents of the south is quite a natural way to apply.To do this, the fruit should be cut into pieces, spread out on trays or other substrate and put in a place that will maximize the sun throughout the day.To sit down on the sweetness of not fly, you can cover them with a clean gauze.At night, the trays have entered into the house, so that moisture does not saturate the dried slices per day.Time is completely dry pear slices will be about a couple of days and as many as required to achieve complete condition in the shade.After that, they can be packaged in a clean linen sacs and sent to storage.

For those who live in less sunny regions, will be more convenient another way of how to dry pears.In the oven it takes about a day.The fruits or meats should be spread out on a baking sheet in a single layer and dry over low heat, turning regularly.For those who are accustomed to rely on a thermometer, a mark is considered to be the optimal 70-90 degrees.Ready to be drying on the teeth of a viscous, and when bent not to provide moisture.Of course, the whole pear for cooking time will take longer than chopped.

Few know how to dry in the winter pear, you should still keep their labors.Best of all, any dried fruit stored in fabric bags, pouches, you can also put them in a glass jar or plastic container with a tight lid.But of polyethylene bags can be attacked by insects or rodents.This preform does not tolerate moisture and easily absorbs odors of others.Store dried pears, preferably in small portions, so that if one of them be acquired wrecker, the other may or may not be affected.Regularly check the stocks in time to find and remove the damaged product.