The opening of a second front

political and strategic situation in the Second World War has changed significantly due to the events in the second half of 1944.Continued strengthening of the union of states and peoples who have rallied in opposition to a common enemy.

leading role in the anti-Hitler coalition belonged to the Soviet Union.Soviet Union make a decisive contribution to the confrontation Hitler's troops.

Government of the Soviet Union hoped to open a second front of WWII.But the allied armies their actions restricted rear air attacks, offensive operations in Italy.The member countries of the coalition, of course, knew that soon will require the opening of a second front in the West.In this regard shortly Britain and America launched a large-scale preparations for this.

great influence on accelerated opening of a second front had a Tehran conference.She heads of the US, Britain and the Soviet Union considered the main political and strategic issues of continuing actions of the Union.And decided to issue a second front.

successful offensive of the Soviet army, the landing of the Allied forces in Europe has contributed to the deterioration of the situation of Nazi Germany.The opening of a second front was the main event of the summer of 1944.Since then, the German had to fight a war in two ways.At the same time, according to some historians, the opening of a second front (in conjunction with its backwardness) was somewhat limited value in question the outcome of the war in general.The US and Britain, according to the researchers, mostly pursued political goals - to strengthen its position.

Nevertheless, on June 6, the Anglo-American forces began landing of the British Isles in Northern France.Operation was code-named "Overlord" (it was called the sea of ​​the "Neptune").

Expeditionary forces allied armies landed on the Norman coast, had a foothold, and then, accumulated material resources and the necessary strength to move on to the east, occupying the north-eastern France.

Simultaneously with the movement of sea landing Allied aircraft began bombing artillery batteries, the individual nodes of resistance, the enemy's rear, headquarters, as well as clusters of troops.It was strong enough blow to the Boulogne and Calais.Thus, the enemy's attention was diverted from the actual area of ​​the landing of troops.

As a result, the 24th July the Allied Expeditionary Force, landed in Normandy, took almost stokilometrovy bridgehead front.However, the plan called for the size of the operation twice more.Complete domination of the allied forces in the sea and in the air to a high concentration of resources and effort.

Allied landings on the Norman coast was the most large-scale amphibious operation, which had a strategic purpose.In preparation for the Allied forces were able to solve many problems.The result was achieved surprise attack, clarity of interaction of air and ground forces, naval and airborne troops.

Enough contributed to the success of the operation and summer fighting Soviet troops.The Red Army forced the German High Command to transfer the main provisions of the eastern front.

In the second half of 1944 the military cooperation of the allied states grew stronger, expanded strategic cooperation between Soviet and Anglo-American troops in Europe.

a result of joint activities to the end of 1944, the German army has been completely expelled from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, with some Italian regions and regions of the Netherlands.Thus, the action of the combined forces of the occupiers will clean an area of ​​approximately 600 thousand kilometers.