As turban sewed their own hands?

plan to make New Year's baby costume sultan summer panama or need for the baby?Then find out how a turban is sewn by hand.Master class of the simplest model of a headdress represented as step by step instructions.A picture are in addition to the stages of operation.

from simple to complex

Turban - headdress, which is traditionally considered the east.Features in the process of wrapping him a piece of cloth on his head and was able to form a beautiful folds.It can tie a turban with his hands in several ways.For residents of the southern regions of the Earth's action on the formation of customary turban on his head became a matter of ordinary and everyday.But in order not to complicate the process, try to make a simple hat, looks a lot like a real turban.This cap can be used not only as an element of carnival costume, but also, for example, replace the knitted waistcoats for young children in the summer.This description is likely suitable for making it such a little thing.

Turban own hands: the necessary material for the manufacture of

this turbans use expensive and beautiful fabrics - silk, brocade, etc.Because of moderate density are obtained at the same time crisp folds and soft.Besides these materials keep their shape well.To sew the fabric of this model need thinner.It can be used as textile and knitted cotton fabric.But it should be borne in mind that the finished turban is quite problematic due to iron the creases formed.Therefore nemnuschimsya give preference to materials with a small admixture of synthetic fibers.

Cutting products

Sewn turban with his hands very simple.Before work, remove the measurements to build a template.To do this using two tape measures to determine the distance - the head circumference and the length from the bottom back of the neck to the top of the forehead.Draw a rectangle.Its width is equal to half of the first measurements (plus 2 cm to freedom), and height - the second (plus 8-10 cm in the splendor of caps).When cutting, consider the following SEAM:

- At 1-1.2 cm on both sides of the width.

- 2,5 cm on the lower horizontal line to the hem of the product.

Fabric must be folded in half, inside out.The fold is located on the upper edge of the pattern.As a result, only remain nezastrochennymi sides.In addition carve out a small rectangle about 6x8 cm for decoration front pleats on the headdress.

How to sew a turban with his own hands?Stages of

  1. Sew the bar for design folds at the front.To do this, add a small rectangle in half along the inside face and scribbling on a short and long sides, leaving free the upper section.Remove and otutyuzhte.
  2. have the basic parts, connect the side seams, inserting inside in one of the upper corners of the prepared strip (nezastrochennym edge and flush with the outside seams).
  3. Remove the turban and a hem along the bottom edge.
  4. Expand it to themselves to the edge, where enclosing finishing plank.Collect seam in the same beautiful folds and cover them with a top-down strap.Tuck the elastic tape to the wrong side, leaving the front section of a length of about 3-4 cm. Attach the free end of the inner side in place pristrachivaniya plank in the corner.
  5. Next turban made out with their hands to the back of the.Wrap it to other seam to him.Lay soft folds and secure them with a few stitches.

As you can see, quite simply make the likeness of the eastern headdress with their hands.When modeling a turban for carnival costume can be provided beading, bright ribbons or feathers.