East calendar animal data.

last days of the year and the threshold of the new always seem to us significant, especially filled with deep meaning.We dream to get rid of failures and worry, we bothered by the past 12 months, and look with hope to the future, trying to predict what he for us?And, of course, curious: a symbolic animal come into its own with the last kick of hours of New Year's Eve?

Myths and legends

Consider what represents the eastern calendar animal data.With its origins linked to many legends and myths.The most well-known says that once the Buddha summoned all the animals to his earth on important business.12 And those that were before the eyes of the deity before the others, received a wonderful award: rule over the destinies of nations and states as much as 12 months.Thus was created the Eastern calendar animal data.

astronomical data

how it happens in reality - hard to say now.We only know that it laid the basis for the astronomical cycles of the Earth for the two main celestial bodies - the Sun and the Moon, and Jupiter and Saturn.East calendar animal data includes frequency of 12 years.That's how much you want to Jupiter to make a complete revolution around the sun.And when you consider that in ancient times by nomadic peoples inhabiting the present territory of the East Asian region, revered Jupiter as their patron and gives its mystical properties, it is understandable why the eastern calendar animal data it is designed for 12 years.The first to hit upon a Chinese.It is almost 4000 years ago.And now this is the main calendar not only in China, but also Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Mongolia, Thailand and many other countries.Moreover, the signs of the zodiac on the eastern calendar year as symbols pleased to recognize the Old and New World.And in Russia, too!

Star Zoo

Let's list of those lucky people whom the Buddha said its special location.It is known that animals have resorted to it, not all at once, but one by one.As a consequence, and preference was given to one, then another.Counting the new year began with the second full moon occurring after the winter - December in our opinion - the solstice.Signs of the zodiac on the eastern calendar begin with rats.Next, in order, followed by the year of the Ox and Tiger, Rabbit (or Hare) and the Dragon, Snake and Horse.The latter, incidentally, beast is a symbol of the passing year, and measuring the sound of its hooves, we can hear a few more days.And to replace the horses, restless workaholic with a noble, but restive character hurry melancholic, sometimes loving and put horns buck, but in general, peaceful home Goat.Signs of the zodiac on the eastern calendar Not all Asian countries are the same.Goat revered in China.And in Japan believe that the year 2015 will be held under the control of sheep.Followed Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig (or Boar).Here's a heavenly zoo turns out!

Elements and components

Astrologers say that the symbols of the Oriental calendar are not limited to animals.They include basic natural elements and the elements.This Fire, Wood, Earth, Water, Metal.For each fixed a certain symbolic significance.Wood - is the personification of the East, the place from where the sunrise, the beginning of life, spring, youth, flowering, emergence, the emergence of all life processes.The main symbol of good luck in Chinese - Dragon - is located in the eastern part of the house or temple.Fire - it is the South, it is associated with the summer solstice.Metaphorically, the element of fire is equated with progress, prosperity, disclosure of own potentials in different spheres of life, welfare and abundance.It is connected and with fame, self-realization.Thus, Fire is a manifestation of the most powerful and bright flowering culmination of something.

Philosophy East

Table eastern calendar will be incomplete without the element of earth - in the east of the central philosophical system.In the space sector matching her - Polar Star, the prototype of the imperial power of the earth.Therefore, the earth element is associated with the ordering, the legalization of any kind whatsoever process, displays and order management, as well as confrontations because of them.And if the tree tied to the Chinese philosophers in the spring, the Earth - it is middle, the summer, the ripening of fruits and vegetables, as well as a wise time to maturity of the human life.Metal - is reliability, strength, justice, firmness.The element associated with the sun, only the setting, and is associated with the West - the sunset.Metaphorically, it means the decline of human life, a wise contemplation, "a time to gather stones" and reap the harvest.And the water, fluid and changeable, it is considered the most incomprehensible and mysterious in the eastern sages.It is connected with the North, the winter solstice, old age and its inherent wisdom, renunciation of false illusions, appeasement.


But back to the present day, to our pressing affairs.The coming year, according to the Eastern calendar - Year of the Goat.What is interesting about it is possible to learn from the astrological characteristics?In the 21st century, we will meet the "bearded beauty" for the second time - the first took place in 2003.In Russian folklore goat - an animal rather capricious and evil.Please her hard on the dirty tricks Dereza is much, therefore luplyu and shabby side.At the same time, the goat - the nurse, the animal is good, unpretentious, very clean, the milk it useful and valuable cow.In the East, especially among the poor, wolfberry very much appreciated.But the devils attitude was somewhat different: they are lewd and stupid, and quarrelsome.And for some reason, the "old".Bran expression "old goat" roam from nation to nation, from one national culture to another.

symbol year

The typical Goats year on the eastern calendar?If we take into account the fact that goats are very fond affection, gladly respond to it, then by years totem which it is to be expected, too, mind, kindness, peace, and the wise resolution of many global and small conflicts.Peace and stability without sudden surges and changes should please everyone who is tired of crises and change and is committed to eternal values.Because if you treat others with sincere friendliness and cordiality, support Goat-Dereza you provided!Stewards of the mysteries of space in 2015 will be Jupiter - the planet, carrying with him the world harmony and order, supreme justice and sets the most important laws of human society and charity.It is not surprising that many people associate with the "Year of Jupiter 'hopes for positive changes in their lives.


with sheep Sheep on the eastern calendar sharing with Goat Christmas throne.Her totem chosen as the Japanese.Sheep, as we know - the animals to be extremely peaceful and lovely.Some consider them stupid, true, but in the Christian mythology Christ himself was compared with a lamb - the meek and defenseless lamb.Nature, in fact, not taken care of that lamb could stand up for themselves - they do not have strong hooves or sharp horns or fangs ferocious.Because they are so dependent on the man.But the Year of the Sheep, in this case, is not to be belligerent, to disasters and natural disasters.On the contrary, peace and calm should bring with them a meek sheep.

«Horned» varieties

We do not knowingly noted the relationship of the Chinese calendar not only wildlife, but also with the forces of nature and the elements.After all, according to them, each totem is in a particular incarnation.Thus, even past 1931 and 1991 and the coming decade through 2051 th are Kose Metal.Water Goat were 1943rd 2003 th and 2063 will.Wooden Goat strode around the world in 1955, come back a few days later - in 2015, followed by a friendly nod horns already in 2075-m.Kingdom of Fire Goats were in 1907 and 1967, then come in the 2027 m.And finally, Ground Goat welcomed the world with his "mekanem" in 1919 and 1979, and again we hear it in the 2051-m.Happy new year friends?Yes, Happy New Year!