The rate of profit in today's business

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implementation of any project should be profitable.This is the purpose for which the whole activity of enterprises, companies and organizations.There are several indicators on the basis of which is determined by the profitability of the projects and any work related to commercial activities.These figures are the same for all industries.One of them is the rate of return.Consider this factor in more detail.

During the development of the project or activity takes investment of capital or funds for their implementation.Naturally, at the end of a certain period is necessary to calculate how effective these investments.After all, the result of any project in the commercial sphere should be making a profit.

rate of profit is a percentage that determines the ratio obtained for a certain period of profit to capital that has been invested in this project.Thus, a measure of profit, which refers to assets or investments.

If the rate of profit is calculated in relation to the costs that were necessary to obtain it, the figure will be referred to profitability.These two values ​​are very close in meaning.The only difference is the cost, which are accounted for in the calculation.

But in any case, the rate of profit - a measure of profitability or production of the project or the increase of funds that have been spent on the production.

costs are included in the calculation, made up of the cost of production, as well as the salaries paid to workers during this period.Typically, the rate of return is calculated over one year industrial activity or project progresses.

must say that this figure is fully characterizes the activities of the company.They are influenced by both internal factors and the situation on the market.Profits derived from activities is a major determinant indicator.The higher the total mass of the profits, the better the efficiency, and hence the rate of profit.Therefore, the increase of this index shows the yield of the project or business.

But do not overlook another factor that is important in calculating the rate of profits.It invested in the project funds.Compensation of employees can be significant in the calculation.

rates of return depends on several other factors.To improve it, it is necessary to increase the velocity of circulation of money that are involved in the production process.Thus, these funds will be significantly faster return to production process and bring more profits.Number of products or services increases, and thereby increase the production volume.Profit grows and efficiency too.

Internal Rate of Return - is the ratio of investments to profits from this investment.

Profit rate can be improved by improving the performance of some of the company or individual project.Chief among them is the amount of money spent.If economical use of the means of production, it is possible to increase the resulting ultimately profit.This is achieved by improving production methods, the use of advanced technologies and the rational use of the workforce.

All this leads to a reduction in production costs, and consequently to increase rates of return.

But it should be noted that this figure depends on several external factors.Thus, the market value of the product plays an important role.On its formation is influenced by some macroeconomic indicators and the situation in the market.