IQ Option: a divorce or not?

company IQ Option - a divorce or not?To begin to deal with its history of origin.Broker is the property of the Seychelles company Alta Vista Trading Limited.A short history of the firm did not prevent it to achieve amazing success in the world of finance.For the success of broker moved a team of professionals not only in financing and programming, but also in many other areas.Lonely negative reviews are not in a position to blacken his almost flawless reputation.

Certificates not only

Despite the suspicions on the part of traders questioned the reputation of the firm do not give to deliver numerous certificates that have IQ Option (IQoption).Information and reviews of broker though very controversial, but the company cares about its customers, setting as a priority the safety of complex transactions.Moreover, on account of the company has the following licenses:

  • CySec Certificate of Cyprus Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • FMRRC certificate from the Center of regulation of relations in the financial markets.

licenses are issued for different companies as a broker operates simultaneously with two financial institutions: Infofield Premier Limited and Investlab Holdings Limited.

Convenient partnership

the question of whether the company IQ Option - a divorce or not, brings a simple registration form.Become a customer is easy, just fill out the form.Become a member of the legendary society can be just a few minutes.After this, a full access to the personal account.Orientation is solely on the interests of clients, there is not any danger.The trading platform is very convenient and easy.To understand the specifics of trading is easy.Choose the amount of investment, the trading instrument and the underlying asset.Next, a rate of return and buy options.People who do not have deep knowledge in dealing with this type of financial instrument, say binary options - divorce, and "Can I earn?" - A question that is no longer automatic.On the other hand, experienced market participants are active in this area and provide a decent profit.

limited choice of trading instruments - an advantage or a disadvantage?

Broker IQ Option ("AyKyu Opshn") offers a very limited range of trading instruments, which includes the most traded assets.Look at this as a lack of unwise, because it indicates that the broker carries out diagnostics activities of traders, studying their needs.As a result, it provides the size of trade that is most in demand.The range of options and a broker is not very wide.Best Forex Broker month IQ Option, offering its clients a binary options and turbooptsiony fully meets their needs.

company believes that offering a full range of tools simply unwise.To expend resources on products that are interested in a small percentage of traders uneconomical.Asset allocation should be as efficient as possible.This scheme used by many brokers are reliable, no fears on this issue is not worth testing.

What's the yield?

Deposit account with the broker is carried out using one of the many payment systems.To say that the company IQ Option - divorce, do not allow traders reviews that talk about the possibility of increasing its deposit on the order of 80% within 15 minutes, but it only provided a detailed understanding of the market situation.Thanks turbooptsionam increase in the deposit can be as high as 90%, which will take at least an hour.In the near future IQ Option, binary options broker with a good reputation, is planning to launch a new product.According to preliminary estimates, multioptsion should give the trader an opportunity for one hour to increase its deposit by 1000%.

Education not only

Broker offers not only a good basis for trading every trader, joining a number of customers can do self-training.The project represented a huge amount of training materials in video format.There are three full lesson able to lay a solid base for successful trading.The materials submitted detailed information on what the binary options and how to use them for a living.Materials to help learn how to conduct market analysis, assist in the preparation of forecasts of future market movements.Professional traders can get in-depth knowledge of trade issues, explore innovative trading strategies.

Separately, you can focus on the section of analytics, where professional financial market participants thoroughly understanding the situation on the market.Not without a section with news, which provide the most current information on the latest goings-on in the world that can affect the movement of the chart.Clearly stated that the company IQ Option - divorce is impossible, as the broker offers its services at a high level.


IQ Option on a par with competitors offering customers an interesting bonus program.Traders, join a community broker, receive an allowance in the form of bonus material on the size of the deposit, which they introduced into the system.All that is required from the participant of the program - is to activate the bonus code.The bonus is determined as a percentage.$ 100 will be credited with an additional 20% ($ 20).$ 250 - 40% and 500 - 60%, $ 1,000 - 80%, $ 2,000 - 90%.I do not doubt the honesty of companies IQ Option review.Reviews say that the company fully complies with all the commitments it has taken on.Support answers all questions almost immediately.The delays in the withdrawal of funds there.Work is conducted under the rules.Find the information that the company does not pay, it is very problematic, and if such information is found, and then it is likely bad publicity.

Features trade now

Broker - not just a company offering favorable terms of trade, it is a reliable partner, enabling its customers numerous benefits.Objectively judge, IQ Option - a divorce or a normal office, helping the following arguments:

  • Innovative Platform.
  • professionally built system of education.
  • access to the most reliable electronic payment system on the Internet.
  • The minimum deposit is only $ 10.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount - $ 10.


Analyzing information about IQ Option, you can draw some conclusions.The company is not in divorce.Main quarrels arise from the fact that over 96% of traders lose simply, then leave negative feedback on the company."Binary Options - divorce" and "Can I earn them?" - A favorite phrase of those who were not able to build a successful trading career.The experts of the financial market with a fairly extensive experience and deep knowledge in the relevant field to easily increase their capital.The company offers an excellent platform for competent trade.Broker helps a long way from mastering the basics trade to develop its own unique trading system.Almost every client company gets a chance to learn from the ground up to make a binary options trading.