How to choose a gift for the boss-man for his birthday?

Choosing birthday gifts will sooner or later lead to impotence even the most resourceful person.Especially if the surprise is meant not too close to the face, the habits and preferences of which little is known.For example, it is difficult to choose a gift boss-man's birthday.The question is not only that it is not always aware of subordinates of the chief features of life, but also in the fact that such a present must conform to the standards of business ethics, to take into account the principle of subordination and to be at the same time the original.

How to choose a gift for the boss-man for his birthday?Here you can go two ways: a surprise from the whole team or to present it personally myself.Both options have a right to life, and the choice is in your personal relationship with the boss - it acceptable to you to give a gift of yourself?

If you plan to head of collective congratulations, you can come up with enough interesting variants using the latest technologies and the involvement of all employees.What is a creative gift for the boss?This may be a film made on the activities of the company and participation in the process of the boss, or a selection of the interview, congratulations from each of his subordinates.And you can make a beautiful collage.If your company employs a sufficient number of girls, good and original idea will be created specifically for chief calendar with photos of employees and their wishes.

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When company employees stay with his boss not only in a formal working relationship, but also in informal, that is, shared leisure, hobby and they know a lot about his personality, gift for the boss-man birthday choose becomes much easier.If you are among the luckiest of these, you should realize that can please the birthday first.Present need not be surprisingly expensive, in this case, but it certainly should not be present at the boss and be a welcome for him.Think, perhaps, such an avid fisherman, as your boss, dreaming of a new collection of spinners or winter tent in order to fish in the cold season?This is a very pertinent gift option.

A good gift for the boss-man's birthday - the discharge of the relevant items.If the number of personnel allows you to collect on a surprise decent amount of money, you can opt in this case to any of the novelty of electronic gadgets.For example, almost every boss there for what aypad use, e-book or a GPS-navigator.

Well, if you're going to give a gift personally from the head of the man himself, it is a better choice than a beautiful office suite, expensive alcohol or smoking accessories if he smokes, you will not find.And do not think that such boring and banal we launched - a classic, which allowed business etiquette.Good luck in choosing a present!